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BitBlt 0,0w, hmyDC, 0,0win32con. Experiments were repeated three times with similar results. To measure the relative increase in plasma membrane localization of phospho-Ser of Akt, line profiles that transected the cell but avoided the nucleus were used to assess rk intensity.

Given a window handle hwndyou should only need the last 4 lines of code. I am just putting the dl together here for anyone else who needs to get a screenshot in python 3. A significant increase in the levels of phosphorylated p53 and decreased ERK was observed in Akt knockdown cells Fig. In the present study, we examined the signaling mechanisms whereby ropinirole might mediate a neuroprotective effect.

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These changes in Akt translocation and phosphorylation were prevented by co-administration of the PI-3K inhibitor LY data not shownindicating that ropinirole induces Akt activation through a PI-3K signaling pathway. Ropinirole-induced translocation was similarly demonstrated using antibodies to endogenous phospho-Akt Fig.

The cell viability was assessed after 24 h by CellTiter-Blue fluorescent assay. Previously we have demonstrated that p53 and extracellular-regulated kinase ERK signaling plays an important role in mediating cell death and survival, respectively, in these cells 19 – Therefore, to further determine whether ropinirole protects dopamine neurons, we used primary rat mesencephalic neuronal cultures treated with 6-hydroxydopamine 6-OHDA.


We, therefore, studied whether PI-3K signaling is modulated by the D 2 receptor when complexed with ropinirole. Equantitative results showing changes in the levels of phospho-Akt after ropinirole treatment. Note that ropinirole provides a dose-dependent increase in cell survival in PC12 cells that express D 2 receptors but 3kk in subclones that do not express these receptors.

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Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Furthermore, in clinical trials in PD patients, ropinirole delayed the rate of decline of a neuroimaging surrogate biomarker of nigrostriatal function in comparison to levodopa 16 Turner 23 with the use of the Trans IT-Neural transfection reagent as described previously Inhibition of PI-3K completely abolished the capacity of ropinirole to protect against cell death induced by oxidative stress in PC12 cells and by 6-OHDA in primary mesencephalic neuronal cultures Fig.

Dopamine agonists that activate D 2 receptors are widely used to treat PD based on their capacity to provide short-term symptomatic improvements. After 24 h, the cells were transfected with 2. Experiments were repeated three times, and representative images are shown.

Ropinirole and other dopamine agonists have been found to be capable of protecting dopamine neurons from a variety of toxins in both in vitro and in vivo models 10 – In all, nuclei were stained with DAPI blue. Protective effects of ropinirole were lost with PI-3K inhibition in both PC12 cells and primary mesencephalic neurons.

Levels of total Akt protein remained unchanged. To examine if Akt, the principle downstream target of PI-3K 25is implicated in ropinirole-mediated neuroprotection, we measured the translocation and phosphorylation of Akt after ropinirole administration.


With python 3, I’d like to get a handle to another window not part of my application such that I can either:. Cline intensity profiles of phospho-Akt in ropinirole-treated cells. Thus, D 2 receptor stimulation by ropinirole in PCD 2 R cells causes rapid translocation and phosphorylation of Akt.

Six to eight line cells per group were assessed using ImageJ NIH to obtain an average profile of fluorescence intensity for each of the treatment groups.

The mechanism underlying dopaminergic cell death in PD has not been elucidated. Although several mechanisms have been proposed to account for how these agents might provide neuroprotection 18most interest has focused on the potential of their capacity to provide anti-apoptotic effects.

Btranslocation of endogenous Akt to the cell membrane in response to ropinirole c998.

The phosphorylation of Ser of Akt was calculated as the ratio between phospho-Akt and total Akt and expressed as the -fold difference between treatment periods.

Email K3, but never shown. Downstream effectors of Akt signaling pathway activated by ropinirole. Although they provide effective anti-parkinsonian effects, particularly in the early stages of the disease, PD patients eventually develop potentially disabling features such as falling, freezing, and dementia that are not satisfactorily controlled with available therapies 9. These data suggest that activation of the PI-3K pathway contributes to the protective effects of ropinirole against apoptosis induced by oxidative stress in PCD 2 R cells and by 6-OHDA in primary mesencephalic neuronal cultures.

The characteristic pathology of Parkinson disease PD 2 is degeneration of dopaminergic neurons coupled with Lewy body inclusions in the substantia nigra pars compacta 1.

However, when I dug down, I believe ImageGrab ends up in a c file named display.