Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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The bastardized country has never been the same again, and history has proven the refusal to implement the Aburi Accord to be a fatal blow to the country.

ON ABURI WE STAND: The Distortion of Accord, by Ojukwu – Vanguard News Nigeria

The position of Igbos during the pogrom and civil war was unique: Gowon himself, believed he was the rightful reformer who would straighten things and right the wrongs done to his kin after the failed January coup. With respect to appointments to certain posts in the Federal Public Accrd, the Permanent Secretaries commented as follows:. Butahuri and the distribution of power along regional lines created a fertile ground for age-long resentment to fester.

It should be noted that after the coup, the North also considered secession. We will pillage them, their property, rape their womenfolk, kill off their menfolk and leave them uselessly weeping. Take for instance the following comments from a universal media: When will change come to this land? It seeks to return Nigeria to the constitutional position before 17 January,while in fact the decisions of the Supreme Military Council were on specific issues and were not limited by dates.

Other matters like the holding of an ad hoc constitutional conference, fate of soldiers involved in the January 15, coup, rehabilitation of displaced persons, etc, were also amicably resolved, and the conferees returned happily to Nigeria. The Committee — -could not progress with its work for lack of co-operation from the representatives of Lt.

According to eye witness of that massacre the Nigerian commander ordered the execution of every Ibo male over the age of ten years.


You are commenting using your WordPress. The Political Violence in Ondo.

Aburi Agreements

But these apologists somehow miss the point. Nwankwo also delves into the drama of June 12, annulment where Moshood Abiola was said to have overwhelmingly won, insinuating Igbo patriotism toward a democratic state gave Abiola his presidential ticket for the still-borne Third Republic.

According to the official records of the meeting, it was agreed that all decrees passed since January 5,should be repealed, which would have removed the Unitary system of government that Aguiyi-Ironsi established.

And, had the decisions at the meeting been respected, the war would not have been necessary and no further blood would have been shed. Federal Government was perfidious and duplicitous on Aburi. Nevertheless, if Gowon and his fellow vandals were not so bloodthirsty, the decisions at Aburi would have been substantially upheld.

Aburi Accord – Wikipedia

The end of the civil war found Igbos totally isolated, accrd and marginalized. An icon, an avatar, deserves no less. No peaceful solution and dialogue of a sovereign national conference has any chance unless every child in the country and Diaspora, every adult, every analyst in every news media and political forums knows and concurs that Aburi had no parallel on the way out for the country.

David EjoorLt. The above comment ultimately sealed the fate of the Aburi Accord.

In order to meet the security needs of the West it was agreed that a crash programme of recruitment and training was necessary but that the details should be examined after the Military Committee had finished its work. The Nigerians opted for a genocidal invasion of Biafra. The Aburi Accord was backed by African nations and some countries in the West. The actual decision of the Supreme Military Council as recorded in the official minutes reads as follows:.

The East must be relegated to obscure embassies abroad where they will- be ineffective and unheard. On one occasion, cannon bullets have whistled into our study; shattering window-panes and missing us by inches.

The Making of a Nation is an insightful book. There is acdord reality no nation called Nigeria. The weak OAU and its Secretary-General Diallo Telli who witnessed the mayhem committed accrd the vandals against Biafran Children practically and morally did nothing when the Soviet Union was providing technicians, high-flying jets, and key components of strategic facilities to the vandals aburo order to decimate the entire Abudi Nation.


We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Ibo territory, we shoot at everything even at things that do not move. Government agency says letter advising furloughed employees to perform chores for landlords in lieu of paying rent was posted by accident Published Today at 5: And the inequitable treatment suggested by the Permanent Secretaries in respect of daily paid workers can only remind the country of the industrial strife which such an application of double standards caused in the days of the former civilian regime.

If there were any lessons to be learned from Aburi, Nigeria has ignored them. On Aburi I stand.

The sight that met my eyes gave me a feeling of nausea. By Januarythe drums of war were loud and clear, reverberating across the length and breadth of Nigeria. This is not the time to stand on ceremony, aburk to go through channels or to observe the diplomatic niceties.

That the book is out of print so soon is a sad commentary on our current literary and historical situation. Email required Address never made public.


He failed to inform the world that the decisions taken at Aburi, the federal government meant no more than the Supreme Military Council. He did not fail. If the Oputa panel could not come up with evidence that Babangida was the brain behind the destruction of an entire generation and should be held responsible, locked up behind bars indefinitely until justice is done in so many of his cruelties, how then could SNC reach a consensus on a right constitutional order based on accumulated precedents?

Where a meeting is not possible such a matter must be referred to Military Governors for comment and concurrence.