Reinforcement Reference Standard: American Concrete Institute (ACI) “ Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement”. Metal Deck. proval of placing drawings is established in the ACI detailing standard and in the ASCE quality manual. ACI Detailing Standard. The USA. Aci 05 pdf STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition Este Reglamento.

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If area of longitudinal reinforcement is lesser than minimum area of reinforcement, then. In this case, the result will not be presented and user has to:. Concrete cover of the stirrup. 3155-05 percentage of maximum allowable stresses from nominal axial strength can be set by this parameter, it means that following formula is used for calculation.

If this check box is ON, then the results are calculated and presented only at the ends of the member and in user defined sections. Maximum uniaxial resistance of the column with a moment of Muz, it means axial resistance for bending moment M uz.

Maximum axial resistance without bending moments.

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The value from edit box avi s t,max is used for calculation number of cuts of shear reinforcement independently if check box is ON or OFF. The Engineering Division deals with development on private property and connections to city infrastructure.

It is also possible to define sway type here. The user reinforcement can be defined for code ACI only in local setting via member data This option From user reinforcement will be taken into account only if some aaci reinforcement is defined in the column.


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If this check box is ON, then centre-centre spacing between bars is checked. In this group are described interaction formulas for biaxial bending calculation and user can set exponent for interaction formula. Acu this check box is ON, then maximum area of longitudinal reinforcement is checked according to clause This factor is used for reduction moment aic inertia of columns in calculation coefficient y Ay z and y By zwhich are used for calculation effective length factor according to code dependent method.

Planning Division The Planning Division facilitates the land use planning and development process, assisting the City Council, Planning Commission and the Development Review Committee in establishing and carrying out land use policies and plans. If iterative calculation does not finish after reaching number of steps, the calculation is finished. Value of minimum percentage loaded from edit box.

It is possible to define minimal concrete cover, set default values for member design, such as reinforcement diameters, and materials both independent for main reinforcement and stirrups.

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According to the Code, concrete stress of 0. This is the user defined value of maximal clear spacing between longitudinal bars.

All iterative calculation in concrete design. This edit box is used for inputting user input of factor b d.

If clear spacing of bars is lesser than minimum spacing then design of longitudinal reinforcement finishes with If clear spacing of bars is lesser than minimum spacing then design of longitudinal reinforcement finishes with the following warnings. There is comparison of results for automatic determination type of method for design of reinforcement for column with different 3115-05 of bending moment.


From there, the Building Division reviews sci plans and inspects dwellings as they are built to ensure safe habitation under the Building Code.

Create an Account – Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The minimum spacing of bars in circular cross-section is does not satisfy. If this check box Use iterative calculation for design of reinforcement is OFF, then strength reduction factor loaded from concrete setup see chapters will be used.

Value x is user defined value and default is 3,0 for US unit format and 0,25 for metric format. Calculation strength reduction factor for design of longitudinal reinforcement.

Minimum diameter of shear reinforcement depends on diameter of longitudinal reinforcement, which enclosed, see acci below. There is comparison of design reinforcement with using method Only corner design for rectangular column with different value of internal forces. Because of a lack of test data and practical experience with concretes having compressive strengths greater than 70 MPa, the Code imposed a maximum value of 8.

It is code independent value. If this check box is ON, there are only basic parameters in tab-sheet Columnwhich can be edit. This item prescribes minimal area of shear reinforcement based on the chapter