For the first time, the AMNOG seriously tackles the price monopoly of 1 January onwards for eligible new pharmaceuticals launched on. Since its introduction on January 1, , AMNOG has hampered the market access of some products in Germany such as Trajenta (anti-diabetic) and Retigabin. AMNOG is here to stay. However, all this changed at the beginning of AMNOG, meanwhile, sought to achieve a longer-term reduction of drug prices.

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Implementation of AMNOG: An industry perspective

Subscribe Forgot your password? In this section, we will discuss seven issues on how benefit amhog are conducted, based on our understanding of how the new law is implemented. C requires an interaction test.

If for active ingredients that are eligible for a fixed rate the additional benefit in accordance with section 35a of Book Five of the Social Code cannot be proven as a therapeutic improvement in accordance with section 35 section 1bsentences 1 to 5, of Book Five of the Social Code, the active ingredients are directly assigned to the existing fixed-rate group. What is meant by expedient comparative therapy, and why is it important?

Such medicinal amog will have to put up with amno in the second or third row in future — including when it comes to price. In both cases, the Federal Joint Committee drafts a resolution forming the basis for negotiations on a refund rate between the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds and the pharmaceutical company.

This applies to every newly approved drug from 1 January If several alternatives are determined for the expedient comparative therapy, the refund rate may not lead to higher annual therapy costs than those of the most economical alternative. Current Opinion in Oncology 20— For this, the pharmaceutical company provides the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds with the individual prices of all medicinal product amnoy, not including value-added tax, which are received by the pharmaceutical company if the discounts which it voluntarily grants or which it has to grant are taken into account.


For this purpose, the company submits a dossier to the G-BA based on the authorization documents and amnov studies carried out on this pharmaceutical. Recently, there has been a change to the rules in that Criterion 5 is used only for price negotiations, and not for determining the comparator.

The actual comparative European prices form an aspect in the negotiations, but not the most important and not the only one, even if the pharmaceutical companies would like to see it that way. Adjusting for multiple testing—when and how? anmog

AMNOG and the German Reforms: What Will Change? | eyeforpharma

AMNOG itself is vague on the quantitative definition of an additional benefit. National Health Service, England: New address from 1 January on: The fixed wmnog is a maximum refund up to which the statutory health funds assume the costs of specific medicinal products prescribed by physicians.

If it is not possible to prove any additional benefit in comparison to the comparative therapy previously identified by the Committee existing standard therapythe pharmaceutical is allocated to a reference price group with comparable active ingredients. Until the AMNOG procedure has been completed, the price set by the pharmaceutical company itself applies to the new pharmaceutical for one year.

Implementation of AMNOG: An industry perspective

The 2101 is the case if no suitable reference price group exists. The sales prices communicated in the 15 countries are weighted according to their respective turnover and purchasing power using purchasing power parity. This takes the form of a rebate on the retail price originally set by the company.

We focus on seven areas: This alleged novelty however frequently only lies in a molecule variant which is not relevant to the effect of the pharmaceutical. We will continue to ammnog and analyze the upcoming developments and discussions in particular with a focus on the impact on small biotech- companies and orphan drug manufacturers. For example, an assessment of the additional benefit for an orphan drug will take place only if the annual sales are expected to exceed EUR 50 million.

Treatment success in cancer: They determined that 13 of the first 21 dossiers contained high-quality data on patient-relevant outcomes; these data allowed the assessment of added benefit in at least one group of patients.


If there is no expedient comparative therapy with medicinal products, non-drug therapies can also be considered if they are eligible as benefits under statutory health insurance. Open in a separate window. The entry amog force of the Act on the Reform of the Market for Medical Products AMNOG causes an early assessment of additional benefit to be carried out for each year from 1 January onwards for eligible new medicinal products launched on the German market which have a new active ingredient.

This means that the additional benefit is portrayed not in differentiated grades and probabilities, but exclusively as a yes-no amnig regarding whether or not a therapeutic improvement is proven within the meaning of the fixed-rate arrangement. Who benefits from the refund rate negotiations?

For the first time, the AMNOG is seriously tackling the price monopoly of the pharmaceuticals industry in Germany with this central arrangement. As for secondary endpoints, ICH E9 states that their predefinition in the protocol is also important. Sincetheir findings form the basis of decisions on the prices statutory health insurance xmnog pay for new pharmaceuticals with new active ingredients.

The reduction in the confidence level should reflect the total number of events removed. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 21— The result of the examination, and the resolution of the Federal Joint Committee based on it, then act as a barrier: The second phase involves price negotiation. Which specific advantages and disadvantages does the new drug have for patients? The refund rates negotiated for health insurance funds in Germany apply from the 13th month after the initial market launch.

The list amnoy of the medicine set amjog the respective pharmaceutical company on launching it amnogg the market remains unchanged.