AR – Child Development Services. This mandated revision, dated 11 May — o Updates administering medication and performing caregiving health. Purpose This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for establishing and operating Army Child Development Services (CDS). The format of this regulation . Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering

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Copies of the records may be given to parents for use in other. Suspected fraudulently completed forms should be reported to military unit commanders and or civilian supervisors for investigation and possible disciplinary and or administrative action.

Rest periods will be provided appropriate to ages and needs of children with at least one hour scheduled for all. CDC personnel suspecting or observing evidence of child abuse or neglect in a center—based setting will report immediately and directly to the CDC Center director or designee in the absence of af director. Children enrolled in hourly care and full—day care programs which occupy a single.

Fever wr been absent for 24 hours.

608-0 Child Development Services, page 5. Figure 3 — 1: Parents will have access to their children within the FCC home at all times of program operation. Appendix C contains additional guidance specific to program areas. Efforts involving incorporation of family members caring for children within Government housing into the FCC.

Sunday sessions for church attendance will be coordinated with chaplains and operated as a special opening or as. All program operations 680-10 CDS delivery systems will be evaluated annually by an internal review and evaluation. Each hourly care child space should generate the same amount of income per day as a full—day space.

Efficient and effective use of all existing CDC space, expansion and maintenance of the FCC system, and full implementation of the SPS system to include identification and use of suitable off—post capabilities will be necessary to address excess demand.


The container must be easily removable and fit securely into the frame. CDS personnel will report outbreaks of communicable diseases per paragraph 2—20 b. Unused portions of bottles will be discarded. Three credit hours in cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR. Responsibilities include but are not limited to—. Child abuse risk avoidance. All CDS programs will reflect knowledge and understanding of the growth and development of children.

Walk—in care may be provided as space is available.

The content of this training will be determined by the individual and TACS with the approval of the program director and may be organized to support staff member efforts to obtain the Child Development Associate CDA credential outlined at paragraph 5—8 c below.

Contracting CDS activities and services. Figure C — 9: Centralized programs are often qr by parents because they offer comprehensive services to include 608-1 mixture of program types and homogeneous child—age group categories for ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Records specified in paragraph 2—13 a 1267 or copies of them, will be maintained centrally within the FCC.

Documentation of outbreaks of communicable diseases. Patrons who choose not to provide required income documentation will be charged the highest category rate.

CDS internal reporting requirements are listed below:. This regulation contains management control.

Children who remain overnight will have a shower, tub, or sponge bath as needed for body cleanliness. The CDS coordinator, system directors, facility and program directors, and TACS will meet at least monthly to assure coordination and implementation of CDS policies, provide feedback on oversight visits, disseminate new information and identify program concerns.

At least one individual who has been fully trained in CPR and first aid will be in the center during all hours of. CDS is a network of child care delivery systems through which the Army provides quality child development options that reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and unit mission requirements. Non—Toxic Plant Listing, page For sites validated as remote and isolated, all manpower staffing positions are authorized APFs, based on availability of local funding.


This information will be used in case of emergency circumstances or deployment. Written installation policies are available which address priorities for service and procedures for filling child care spaces. Caregiving employees will receive breaks on a regularly scheduled basis.

Children should be placed using mixed age grouping, blending ages using the specified ratio for each age served e. Written guidelines will be established addressing procedures for parents who wish to submit a complaint or concern. Program leads or technicians will be provided in all age categories and programs in. Program and activities will reflect the developmental needs unique to the ages of the specific children under care. Enforcement of positive child guidance practices.

AR 608-10 Child Development Services (Update)

The following apply to youth hired as part of a seasonal or part—time employment program to work in a CDS 680-10 system. These groups will include a majority of parental membership including sole and dual military parent representation. Prevention of abuse and protecting self from false allegations. Additional personnel may be assigned to allow the CDS coordinator and center director to handle the additional duties resulting from the allegation. Consistent, prompt, and appropriate attention to the physical needs of children.

AR Child Development Services (Update) :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Patron fees and charges. These spaces will not be filled by full or part—day overflow patrons requiring services on a regular basis. Notification of acute illness.