gung (CLIP)“ an Ihrem Anschluss verfügbar ist und die Rufnummer vom. Anrufer nicht .. tel „Bedienelemente“ vorne in dieser Bedienungsanleitung genannt. Lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch. Team 38x-Modell. 1 Unter erfahren Sie, ob dieses Telefonset bereits . tragung (CLIP)“ an Ihrem Anschluss verfügbar ist und die Rufnummer vom. Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch. Verwenden Sie nur das mitgelieferte AUDIOLINE Steckernetzteil, da andere Netzteile das Telefon.

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Confirm the selection with YES. You can find out how to change the PIN code under item 7. Connect the main power supply to the power socket and the jack marked DC 9V on the underside of the telephone. The location has a decisive influence on the trouble-free operation of the telephone. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The guarantee period is 24 months from the day of purchase under the following conditions: If you have not recorded your own greeting, the answering machine will reply with the standard greeting.

It is good to get acquainted with it to avoid disappointments resulting from a shorter exploitation time of the product Audioline TEL 38 CLIP than expected. In der zweiten Zeile bedienungsamleitung dann die Telefonnummer zu sehen. Der PIN-Code ist auf “0 0 0 0” voreingestellt. The indicator button once more.

Operating instructions | TEL68 – Audioline

First take short end of the spiral cable and plug it into the socket at the clpi of the receiver. No attention is necessary apart from cleaning the housing occasionally. Normalerweise brauchen Sie hier keine Eingabe vorzunehmen. After the number has been dialled, the telephone switches immediately to the handsfree facility.



Now place the telephone without the desk support over the screws and push it slightly downwards. Entering Numbers Before Dialling – Operation – Entering numbers before dialling You can also enter the bedienungsamleitung telephone number while the receiver is on the hook and before the handsfree button has been pressed without this being dialled directly.

Geben Sie nun die neue Rufnummer ein. In the case of unnecessary or unjustified bedienungsanlwitung on the customer service department, we will levy our usual service charges for materials, time, postage and packing.

In the case of technical problems you can also contact our Service Bedienungswnleitung on the Hotline number 5 00 13 By lifting and replacing the receiver once, the automatic redial is automatically cancelled. Ensure that the polarity is correct. Now press the YES button twice. Bear in mind that copying deletes the current phone book in the target device. Wall Mounting – Commissioning bedienungsanleitugn Wall mounting Your telephone is also suitable for wall mounting.

The loudspeaker remains switched on and you can continue to hear the other party. Benutzen Sie dazu das Jogdial und die Taste C. With this method of entry, you can first check the telephone number and change it again if necessary.

You can find out how to view the list in the next chapter 5. However, we believe that the manuals should include the most important and needed information about Audioline TEL 38 CLIP, not to discourage the user to read. Page 34 – General Audiolin – Location Do not set up the telephone in the immediate vicinity of other bedienungsanleityng equipment such as microwaves or hi-fi systems, as this may result in mutual interference.

Sollte der Fehler immer noch auftreten, verbinden Sie ein anderes Telefon wenn vorhanden mit der Telefonbuchse. By repeatedly pressing the C button, you can delete the name letter by letter. You can delete numbers again using the C button cursor flashes. SIM Eingabe with yes: Bitte gehen Sie wie folgt vor: Alle registrierten Anrufe werden wie folgt dargestellt: Feed the cable out of the telephone housing either upwards or downwards through the cable guide, if you are using the telephone fitted to the wall.


If you ever need to remove the support, press gently on the middle clips on the upper edge and then pull the desk support off.

TEL68 – Audioline |

You can find out how to view the list in the next audioline tel 38 clip tell 5. Karte entfernen After removing, confirm with YES. You have a new mobile phone with a new SIM card and want to transfer the entire phone book from your telephone to the SIM card.

Selected materials and highly developed technology ensure trouble-free operation and long life. Using a small screwdriver, turn this hanging device until the screw is completely flush and its upper end does not protrude at all.

Gespeicherte Rufnummer mit Namen. When storing, simply press the number. If this service is not available, incoming calls will. You can store 3 different Call-By-Call numbers to these private telephone network providers in your telephone. Cljp a short time the display will show the first number stored with this initial letter.

You can also delete a particular number from the redial memory. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Dial the required number.