Save this Book to Read bosch mono motronic fuel injection manual PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get bosch mono motronic fuel injection. Bosch Mono-motronic Manual person bosch motronic fuel injection manual me7 might have many name. BOSCH MONO MOTRONIC FUEL. A step by step guide to help you improve the performance of your monomotronic engine without cost.

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Fine tuning your monomotronic engine

Motrlnic cookies improve the quality of the statistic data that is used to further improve the website. Views Read Edit View history. Volvo Cars of North America. Bosch offer Motronic M3 and Mono-Motronic versions. Imprint Legal Privacy Bosch. Privacy settings allow you to enable or disable cookies. Please activate cookies and refresh your browser.

Throttle Body Injection (Automobile)

Supercharging of SI Engines Automobile. This variant of the engine management system was adapted for off-road use. Retrieved from ” https: For the full functionality of this website cookies are needed.

The throttle body integrates other components that in the Motronic system are scattered around the engine, like Idling actuator and butterfly potentiometer, among other.

Therefore, six angled radial holes in the tip of the injector Fig. Archived copy as title.

It was only used in cars equipped with V8 gasoline engines. Back to the top.

These cookies improve the quality of the statistic data that is used to further improve the boschh. Content 2 Mono Motronic Mono Motronic. In an example 4-cylinder engine, one output controls the injectors for cylinders 1 and 3, and the other controls 2 and 4. If you consent to this use of cookies please click “Yes, I agree”. It features a Lambda Probe aggregated to the injection system, installed in the exhaust pipe. The angular position of the throttle valve is used to indicate the volume air flow, thus the requirement for an additional air sensor is eliminated.


This is divided into two segments directed one into each of the crescent shape apertures opened up between the edges of bosvh butterfly valve and the bore of its housing. Without these cookies the website will not mojo properly. The ignition system provides the controller the signal of the engine speed.

OBD II was standard on all cars fitted with this system albeit the necessary protocolls were not integrated for all markets. This also compensates for deviation in the performance of either the engine or injection equipment, due to wear in service. Features included OBD I diagnostics, dual knock sensors and a lot more. The injectors are opened once for every revolution of the engine, injecting half the required fuel each time.

motronnic Predecessor of the ME Motronic. Updated variants ML 2. Archived from the original on A low pressure vane type pump, installed in the fuel tank, moyronic fuel at a pressure of 98 kPa, through a filter directly to the throttle body injection unit. During start-up below rpmor if there is no signal from the cylinder ID sensor, all injectors are fired simultaneously once per engine revolution. The system was used for the five- and six-cylinder modular engined cars and was used on turbocharged and naturally aspirated models.


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These cookies are necessary for the website. Was also used in the Opel engine X22XE. For the full functionality of this website cookies are needed.

Injection System

Targeting cookies These cookies are used to customize information and advertising to your interests based on the content you have visited before. If you consent to this use of cookies please click “Yes, I agree”. The systems have the option for a lambda sensor, enabling their use with catalytic converter-equipped vehicles. The air temperature sensor is installed in the air passage through the throttle body.

The diaphragm type pressure regulator valve is used in letter unit to maintain a constant differential pressure between the fuel and the air into which fuel is injected, regardless of the quantity of fuel used. This website uses cookies for functional, comfort and statistics purposes. Content 3 Multipoint Multipoint. Change settings Yes, I agree. After the refresh a cookie management dialog will be shown.

Back to the top. This system was used by Volvo on some Volvo cars.