Lexie Smith talks bread baking and cultural representation with Master Bread Baker Jeffrey Hamelman. Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes is an solid baking book, but not one I would recommend to everyone.

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It helped me get out of my old routine.

Books by Jeffrey Hamelman. Hamelman is a master. Nov 11, Rob Durante rated it it was amazing Shelves: Your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about cheese, from the cheesiest recipes to the best dairy adventures around the world. Aug 06, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hamelman treats you seriously, assumes you have a brain and can work out that things can be varied.

Additionally, the beginning of the book covering ingredients, techniques, etc was much lighter on the science and in depth “why”s of baking than m This book is often referred to as the “bible” of bread-baking, and it is written by the head baker at King Arthur Flour, but I found it lacking in many ways. I wishthat I had this book to guide me when I started my life as a breadbaker 42 years ago.

I’ve used the King Arthur whole-grain book, but Jeffrey Hamelman’s second edition is far superior. A much more serious bread book than I was after. Instead, the home baker must use his or her own judgement to figure out how to adapt each recipe to work in his or her own kitchen.

Description An updated new edition of the essential resource for professionals and seasoned home bakers Hailed as a “revelation” when it first appeared inJeffrey Hamelman’s Bread is a legendary resource praised by baking luminaries from around the world. Apr 30, Devilish rated it it was amazing Shelves: You basically have to be a hard-core breadmaker to make sense of this book. This landmark book enables both home bakers and experiencedprofessionals not only to make breads of the highest quality, butalso to guide them to a thorough understanding of the keys tosuccess.


The only thing that I really disliked are the imperial measurements.

Without question, bread is a sly and able translator. Over the years, I’ve heard great things about Jeffrey Hamelman and I was really looking forward to reading his book. I will continue to use this book to enhance my skills.

Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

Great, I was researching sours and pre-ferments. I didn’t actually read every word of this book, but I gleaned what I wanted to from it, which is to say that I read the first chapter in it’s entirety and read more than I ever want to know about The Bread Process, from Mixing through Baking. There are reading groups on the internet who encourage others to bake a specific recipe together such as http: Of course, the internet has had untold and surprising effects on the way we make and understand food.

For those seeking to share a dialog with a real master, Bread is a resource that you will use time and timeagain.

So, I gave up after the intro. Challah shaped in a Winston Knot. You are only bound by your imagination.

Bread : A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

If I needed to describe a type of bread or baking, it gave me everything I needed to communicate the inestimable value of bread. This book is often referred to as the “bible” of bread-baking, and it is written by the head baker at King Arthur Flour, but I found it lacking in many ways.


Thus they rip the hxmelman on Amazon, which I’m sure has had depressing effect on sales. Filled with photos and good drawings of various techniques, I’m sure this is a terrific book for people who are planning to start or improve their own bakeries.

Rioting ensued after bread subsidies were cut in Cairo and more recently in Syria; Portuguese rolls sold on trains through Mozambique show the remnants of imperialism; the baking powder that has replaced sourdough in remote areas of northern India whispers the effects of new trade routes and globalization.

Talking Bread and Evolution with Jeffrey Hamelman | SAVEUR

There was a thread in the forums here a week or two ago about whether this book is suitable for a beginning baker. The Best Books of A complete chapter on decorative breads – with instructions on techniques as well as a wide hameelman of exquisite patterns – will inspire magnificent display creations.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Readers willdiscover an anthology of recipes from the French, German, Italian, and Swiss traditions, patiently reconsidered and shared with greatgenerosity. Here, he shares thisexperience while putting world-class artisanal loaves within reachof any serious baker. Skip to main content. Hamelman, a The warm, complex aroma of a fresh-baked loaf of bread can be utterly tantalizing; the first bite, a revelation. A masterpiece of bread information.