Visit ChemicalBook To find more CALCIUM PANTETHEINE SULFONATE() information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density. Category: cosmetic ingredient for skin and hair conditioning. Recommendation for calcium pantetheine sulfonate usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. Skin barrier function improved by hydroxyapatite and calcium pantetheine sulfonate combination. Gaudinat Marie-Hélène, L’Oréal Paris, Clichy, France;.

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This application is a division of application Ser. It is known that pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid and its salts are useful as a precursors of coenzyme A which plays an important role in energy metabolism, lipid metabolism and acetylation Japan J.

However, there are no experiences in which these compounds were used for external preparations for application to skin or suggesting the superior curative and preventive effect of said preparation on pigmentation. Skin troubles include those such as burns and wounds in which tissue is directly damaged, thereby causing a direct hindrance to the maintenance of health, and those involving pigmentation and coloration which cause problems in the appearance although not hindering the pqntetheine of health, thereby directly causing social impediments.

For women especially, so-called blemishes are a serious problem in terms calciuj both beauty and health. It is said that a considerably large proportion of the middle-aged and elderly women are actually suffering from blemishes. Xulfonate, stress was placed on the prevention and treatment of the former troubles and minimal consideration was given pantetheinf the latter troubles.

However, in accordance with the recent changes in social conditions, the latter troubles also have come to be highlighted and studied. For instance, external preparations containing hydrogen peroxide, ascorbic acid, colloidal sulfur and the like are used for the treatment and prevention of the latter troubles.

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However, it is hard to say that these materials are excellent due to their low stability, bad smell and inconvenience in handling as well as in terms of practical effect. Accordingly it has been an urgent technical subject in this art to establish a superior pantetheime preparation for application to skin containing a material other than the above materials.

After screening a number of materials which were collected from various fields and which comprised calciim organic and inorganic matters as well as compounds of known or unknown structures, special attention came to be paid to pantothenic acid. After that, as the result of further investigation of pantothenic-acid-system compounds, it was newly found that pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid has a remarkable effect in the treatment of pigmentation abnormalities in the skin which is based on its tyrosinase-activity inhibiting effect and that it has an effect of improving the quality of skin such as rough skin through improvement and control of skin metabolism.

In addition, it was confirmed that pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid causes an excellent curative effect to wounds, burns and the like leading to a conviction that this compound can be very effectively used for an external preparation for application to skin, thereby completing this invention. Pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid or its salt is a well-known compound represented by the following formula.

There are no problems in the supply of the effective component because this compound is now able to be mass-produced easily from, for example, D-pantothenic acid and 2-aminoethanethiolsulfuric acid. Pantethine and pantetheine are listed as compounds relatively similar to pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid although they have various disadvantages for external preparations for application to skin.


That is to say, pantetheine causes much pantdtheine in handling due to its noncrystallinity and viscosity.

Besides, it not only becomes sticky when it is used in a preparation, causing an inferior feeling of use, but also pntetheine no remarkable effect in the treatment of pigmentation abnormalities, as clearly seen from an experiment described in the following.

Panterheine, pantetheine is disadvantageous for an external preparation for application to skin, especially as a skin-whitening agent and can hardly be used for an external preparation for application to skin. Besides, pantetheine has a very strong smell and is disadvantageous for an external preparation for application to skin even only due to this point.

In contrast, pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid, as clearly seen from experiments described in the following, not only has an excellent effect in the treatment of pigmentation abnormalities but also can be prepared into an external preparation for application to skin at a far lower cost as compared to the above compounds because it is an odorless powder which can be handled easily. It is also one of the great advantages of pwntetheine external preparation for application to skin according to this invention that it can widely be used in various forms such as powder, solution, emulsion, ointment, cataplasm and spray.

For example, it is also possible to use the above effective components jointly with an external antiphlogistic analgesic agent methyl salicylate, glycyrrhiziric acid or indomethacinan external disinfectant biocidal agent benzalkonium chloride, thimerosal, resorcin salicylate or benzethonium chloridean antipruritic agent chloral hydrate, diphenhydramine or methyl salicylatepantothenic acid or its derivative pantothenic acid, panthenol, pantetheine or pantethinea component extracted from vegetable or another external preparation.

In preparing the external preparation according to this invention, the conventional method generally used in preparing external preparations for application to skin can be properly used and a vehicle such as animal or vegetable fat or oil, a higher alcohol or glycol or its derivative, a surfactant, a pigment, a perfume, a stabilizer and other components suitable for the respective form of preparations can be used freely.

Although there is no special restriction to the amounts of these components used in the preparation, it is usually preferred that these components be blended in a proportion of 0. As to the safety of pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid, since it is a sulfonic acid derivative of pantethine, which is commercially available as a bifidus factor contained in an internal medicine, the safety of which has already been confirmed, and effectively used for a serum-lipid-reducing internal medicine which has no problem in its safety, pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid can be highly safely applied to skin without causing any toxicity as well as any side effects to skin such as stimulation and itching open patent No.

There is no restriction to the amount of the external preparation according to this invention to be applied to skin and the preparation should be either directly rubbed into the affected part or applied to gauze or the like before the gauze is applied on the affected part.

In the following, experiments indicating the results of the pharmacological tests an in vitro test and actual clinical tests of the external preparation of this invention are shown. For comparison, pantethine solution of the same molar concentration as test solution B was prepared as reference solution B 0.

The following experiment was conducted on these test solutions and reference solution. After 1 ml of L-tyrosine solution 0. As a blank test, the same operation as above was carried out using water instead of the above test solution or reference solution.


The results of the above experiment are shown in FIG. The results are shown in Table 1. From these results, it is seen that the external preparation of this invention has a notably higher pigmentation-curing effect as compared to the external preparation containing ascorbic acid. Variations in the luminosity difference between the pigmentation area and the non-pigmentation area were measured by use of a colorimetric color-difference meter Nippon Denshoku CP6R-type.

A patch test was conducted beforehand to confirm the absence of any stimulating effect. The results are shown in Table 2 and FIG. Here, each value represents difference between color differences between the non-pigmentation area and the pigmentation area before and after the treatment and a larger value indicates a greater improvemental effect. As to the mean level as well, as indicated in FIG. As clearly seen from the above experiments, the external preparation according to this invention has no problem in its safety to the skin and has an excellent effect in the treatment of pigmentation abnormalities in the skin so-called “removing blemishes”.

Therefore it is an excellent agent for the treatment of pigmentation abnormalities in the skin. Besides it has a good treatment effect on suntans and is an excellent skin-quality improving preparation. In addition it has remarkable curative effects on burns, wounds, frostbite, ulcers, bed sores and the like.

Although further investigation is necessary in order to clarify detailed mechanisms of such effects, it is estimated that pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid has a powerful metabolism-accelerating effect. Thus, the external preparation according to this invention causes superior effects to diseases directly hindering the maintenance of health as well as diseases indirectly hindering the maintenance of health as previously mentioned.

calcium pantetheine sulfonate,

It is panttetheine an ideal external preparation for application to skin. After compound 1 was impregnated with compound 2, the resulting mixture was added to solution prepared by dissolving the remaining components in purified water 6 while heating and stirring to obtain solution used as a plaster-type external preparation. Year of fee payment: Examples of this invention will be given in the following. Polyoxyethylene hardened ;antetheine oil: The total amount was adjusted to ml.

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Total quantity was adjusted to g. What is claimed is: Method of treating skin pigmentation abnormalities with pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid.

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