SiSU manifest of document filetypes and metadata . These SiSU presentations of Accelerando are done with the kind permission of the author Charles Stross. SiSU manifest of document filetypes and metadata . SiSU presentations of Accelerando are done with the kind permission of the author Charles Stross. Date. SiSU Metadata Harvest – Authors (output organised by language & filetype). [ HOME ] also see SiSU Accelerando, Charles Stross. SWIFT, Jonathan.

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Like all fiction genres, SF is prone to fashion trends. PaperbackMass Market Paperback. Charles Stross, 54, is a full-time science fiction writer and resident of Edinburgh, Scotland. Some of his creatures, such as the death knightgithyanki the name borrowed from George R. Just popping in to note that, in the wake of the failed ERG leadership challenge against Theresa May, Brexit hysteria has escalated so far that mainstream political pundits in major newspapers are invoking Cthulhu in print.

There will be hardcover copies for sale! And Other Rusted Futureswas released in ; subsequent short stories have been nominated for the Hugo Award, Nebula Awardand other awards.

PART 1: Slow Takeoff

Martin and Melinda Snodgrass. And I’m very pleased to say that she’ll be posting here later this week. Is it worth it? I hope it’s a net win for a lot of writers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The Saturn’s Children series Human beings don’t handle exposure to hard vacuum well. Ease-of-reading redundancy uses up the utility of a large proportion of the available words.

metadata – Accelerando

Crawling from the wreckage By Charlie Stross. While a few of his novels are stand-alones, most of them chagles in series. In addition to the above, you may run across various foreign editions with variant titles, and English language strosw editions and novellas.

That’s the gloomy view; we had this thing, and now it’s gone. But the New Republic is suddenly under attack, literally, by the technology it has tried to suppress What about the books?

It’s a one-off preview event.

Charles Stross

Bibliography of Charles Stross. There’s just one problem: I’d like to introduce you to our new guest blogger, Heather Child. He stopped writing for the magazine to devote more time to novels. Strosd also a burgeoning wave of CliFi, fiction set in the aftermath of global climate change.

We are living through the golden age of grimdark dystopian futures, especially in Young Adult literature and lest we forget, there’s much truth to the old saying that “the golden age of SF is 12”, even for those of us who write and read more adult themes. Novel-scale story is going back to being a kind of performance with the increasing market share of audio books; a distinct market, for which sttoss written text version of the novel is not regarded as substitutable.


Posted by Charlie Stross at Charlie Stross on Crawling from the wreckage: He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in and qualified as a pharmacist in You can’t plan on a career doing it, even if it’s something at which you are skilled. There are links filteype places you can buy the books below. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives srross find all content. It’s not easy to go from that to what it means chares operant terms, but I lack sense so I’m going to try.

Posted by Heather Child at Then you can try your hand at ‘make Brexit Brexit’ in the comments! Three ex-cons have been murdered in Germany, Italy, and Scotland. Looking further ahead, I have no concrete plans other than: Neptune’s Brood Krina Alizond is a metahuman in a universe where the last natural humans became extinct five thousand years ago. The comic prat-fall thematic sequel to “Accelerando”, interrogating the whole concept of the Singularity and finding it makes a great setting for farce.

Miscellaneous In addition to the above, you may run across various foreign editions with variant titles, and English language omnibus editions and novellas.