Polgara, daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, narrates this epic final volume in the David Eddings, Author Del Rey $ (p) ISBN Polgara the Sorceress is an immortal sorceress in the The Belgariad and The Malloreon. She is the (many generations removed) aunt of Belgarion and the. Polgara the Sorceress is a fantasy novel by David and Leigh Eddings, and the twelfth and final novel in the setting of The Belgariad, The Malloreon and.

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There is a distinct sentimental vein to David Eddings – I once read an interview in which he referred to Tolkien J. Articles lacking reliable references from April All articles lacking reliable references Pages to import images to Wikidata. Sroceress, in all the years of writing about the Belgarion world, Eddings seems not to have developed one iota as a writer.

Instead, she sounds exactly like Belgarath throughout. Myself, I would be pleased to see the Eddings abandon the arch tone that they take in the whole series, and which is particularly annoying in the prequels.


It turns out the wolf did it all. The characters are extremely well developed.

To ask other readers questions about Polgara the Sorceress polgra, please sign up. He eventually died in the defense of Vo Wacune. The characters welcome you like old friends,because by now, they really are like old friends.

Her hair streaked white by her father’s first touch, davdi mind guided by a mother she will not see again for centuries, Polgara begins life in her Uncle Beldin’s tower, and in the prehistorical, magical Fddings that stands in the middle of the Vale.

Its difficult to shrug off now. Her audience-directed asides are even more irritating, if possible, but that’s about the only distinguishing factor – except, of course, the frequent remarks about the differences between men and women.

The first prequel tells a first person n Originally published on my blog here in September Like the latter novel, it is presented as a first-person narrative recounting the life of the eponymous character, Polgara, framed by a prologue and epilogue in the third person placing it in context relative to the earlier stories. Polgara the Sorceress begins with Ce’Nedra entreating Polgara to write a book about her life, filling in the gaps left by her father’s story, Belgarath the Sorcerer.


It was there that she first learned how to access her powers as a sorceress. It’s been an incredible ride. Over the years, she maintained a relationship with the descendants of Beldaran and Riva that would eventually become her life’s work.

The characters welcome you “Polgara the Sorceress” wraps up David Eddings’s high fantasy series that started with the 5 books of the Belgariad, continued through the 5 books of the Mallorean, and “Belgarath the Sorceror. The focus of her work was to end sometimes by force the Arendish civil wars.

Polgara the Sorceress (novel) | David Eddings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Again it has the feel of fireside story telling, although since it is Pol it should be more of stove side story telling given her love sotceress cooking and her need to feed people I swear she has some Welsh blood in her!

I enjoyed the story of these books so much. Jan 25, Amadee Tous rated it it was amazing. Want to Read saving…. Oolgara was fair-haired and Polgara was dark. Soon after her birth, her father, Belgarathtouched her forehead in a gesture of welcome to his first-born, as was traditional among the people of the original race.

Still it was interesting to revisit my teenage years, I wonder how well the original series would live up to re-reading or would it really annoy me. Her eyes were very large, and luminous, and their color changed with her mood, ranging from dvid light blue so pale as to be virtually gray to a deep lavender.

At the Battle of Vo Mimbre, Polgara learned that in the prophecies of the other side, her role was to be the bride of the dark god Torak.

Lists with This Book. Here is the legendary life story of a woman of wit, passion, and complex emotions, a woman born of two majestic parents who daavid not have been more unlike one another. Soceress may be because of the women’s perspective thing, I don’t know. That said, “Polgara the Sorceress” is a fundamental read for any Eddings fan, especially for those who crave a sense of completion.

So don’t read it for the plot, but for the dialogue. Polgara the Sorceress 1 8 Feb 22, This is the Eddings’ chance to expound at appalling length their various opinions about the ha Oh, Polgara.


She is the many generations removed aunt of Belgarion and the daughter of Belgarath. The amusing Arendish political escapades do not make up for the serious commitment to eyerolling required.

To sum erdings, Polgara the Sorceress is probably for fans only.

May 30, Maddy Lanslots rated it it was amazing. Depressingly, I think it’s a better book in a lot of ways than Belgarath the Sorcerer – the material is largely new and entertaining and, with the exception sorcedess the almost word-for-word repeat of the Vo Mimbre section, is paced fairly well. Their mother had been a shape-shifting wolf that is, she could assume the form of a human woman; but was born and still thought as a female wolf and was distressed that her human babies would be born lacking in wolvish instinctive knowledge, so she began speaking to and training them telepathically while they were still in her womb.

For many years, Polgara hated her father.

Polgara the Sorceress

Polgara was born first, but Beldaran was the dominant twin. I’ll just be annoyed while I do it. Jun 29, Debb rated it it was amazing. His contemporary novels, High Hunt and The Losersare much better written because in them he assumes a rather different style which works well.

I have to admit I was also a little bothered by some of the double standards about chastity and sexuality, when comparing what Belgarath got up to, and what Polgara was forbidden to do. Polgara is possibly the bossiest person I have ever encountered in fiction.

Trivia About Polgara the Sorce One lock of her hair turned silver, at his touch, marking her forever as a sorceress.

This is still an excellent read even though I have very little sympathy with the so called heroine, because Eddings is just a brilliant story teller. Oct 23, Pete Mcgarel rated it really liked it. Over the years, she maintained a relationship with the descendants of Beldaran.