Artificer Handbook. My Top 5 Classes In D&D Edition and Pathfinder. Artificer (and Erudite(Spell. In this guide we provide players with a walk through of. Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; they are drawn from the artificer infusion 1—1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells, page 8 of the Player’s Handbook). Fighters’ Handbook By Dictum Mortuum (e Optimized Character Build) Gestalt Warlock Top 5 (Best) Classes in D&D e and Pathfinder Archivist, Artificer.

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The Tier 0 Wealthless Artificer Handbook WIP When one thinks of an Artificer, one thinks of a completely wealth dependent class that is completely useless without money, downtime, and access to civilization.

Artificers are significantly powerful without any money or crafting. In fact, some might argue they are more powerful than wizards even when naked in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing, truly making them a tier 0 class. In order to thoroughly educate new players about the true horrifying power of OPness that is artificers, I am making this handbook.

Read it hqndbook learn how to properly use this class.

This is going to be more of a list of tricks rather than a build. My creativity is one dimensional so I’m asking other people to help me make this list. The most important Infusion: Spell Storing Item This infusion lets you completely replicate any 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level spell in the game, from any spell list. This infusion however costs XP. The second most important Infusion: Concurrent Infusion This infusion lets you completely replicate any 1st level infusion.

Why is this amazing? Which means when you hit 8th level, you can cast any 4th level or lower spell in the game for free. This guide gives you nice list of spells you can get at a lower level. Consolidated List of “Bargain Bin” Spells for Artificers So what’s so amazing about being able to cast any 4th level or lower spell from the game?

Artificers get Planar Binding at level 8. And two levels earlier than Nar Demonbinders! What’s so amazing about planar binding? Since it lets you enslave any 12hd or lower outsider, you essentially have handbpok to every single SLA and Su ability possessed by a 12hd outsider or lower! Some SLAs and Su abilities include: Persistent Spell Metamagic Item is a 3rd level Infusion that lets you apply a metamagic feat you know to a wand for free.


Spell Storing Item creates a wand. Therefore you can use this 3rd level infusion to persist any 4th level or lower spell making you far superior to a DMM: Persist Cleric since you have access to arcane spells as well! Reach Spell can make a lot of spells qualify for Persistent Spell. To take advantage of this Have a Minor Schema or Scroll.

Maximized Blasting Spell all day long! Infinite Crafting XP 1. Cast Contagion the horse. Cast Liquid Pain on the horse. Liquid Pain substitues d&f xp for crafting 4. If you think of a combo, please share!

Two combos hardly make a handbook. Last edited by RoboEmperor; at The Tier 0 Wealthless Artificer Handbook I found that a fun combination of Bane and Merciful Enchantments makes your weapons great for subduing large one-race armies.

Especially if you put them on a jousting lance and charge people. I am not seaweed.

Artificer Handbook

Praise I’ve received Spoiler. Originally Posted by ThiagoMartell. Originally Posted by LTwerewolf. You can, but it’s such massive overkill.

The Tier 0 Wealthless Artificer Handbook. You’ve been beaten to the punch, my dude. Originally Posted by someonenoone This guide aims to be a list of OP combos abusing the few really OP infusions. That guide is like a textbook which is a good thing and fails to emphasize the brokeness of some of its infusions.

Had I had known that the Artificer is capable of the Planar Binding at level 8 without any xp, gp, or items I would not have spent so much time on cleric and sorcerer. So if you know of an OP combo that uses 4th level or lower spells from various spell lists, please share!

Last edited by thethird; at So after my pc blowing up, getting new job, moving out, getting some new internet and a new computer I’m back in the saddle. It took a while. All hail Kymme for making my av. Originally Posted by SoraWolf7. I found that a fun combination of Bane and Merciful Enchantments makes your weapons great for subduing large one-race armies.

Originally Posted by thethird. So you want powerful 4th lvl spells that an artificer can use? Artificer Bargain BinI am partial to summon giants. Also, if you are going to use spellstoring item look at the gems from the Special Material Index For what is worth, let me actually contribute. If you are looking into using infusions. Wand Surge, Maximize Spell Required lvl: The Tier 0 Wealthless Artificer Handbook With Unseen Craft Level 1 infusion, handy haversack, and Dedicated Wright you can be constantly making scrolls on the go regardless of the situation.


Dedicated Wright can’t start projects, but Unseen Crafter can. Having a handy haversack is just nice since once any creation is done you don’t need to go looking for it.

As far as I know your base Wizard or Cleric doesn’t get them. If you’re putting an Artificer into a non-eberron campaign setting your DM may allow you to still have Action Points. At 3rd level Artificer can gain Rapid Infusion allowing the Artificer to cast an infusion without spending an action point.

The Unofficial Artificer Handbook

This way in pretty much any battle you come across you can have a Bane weapon against that creature type. Last edited by Armyguyclaude; at The only OP thing you can do with 4th level spells or lower is planar binding or free Persistent Spell. Been staring at that bargain bin list for a while now and I got nothing.

I guess I’ll just flesh out the planar binding list some more, and the Persistent Spell list a little more despite it being information repeated by other guides all in one place might help newer players like meand then call it “finished” more accurately, failed. Originally Posted by Armyguyclaude. With Unseen Craft Level 1 infusion, handy haversack, and Dedicated Wright you can be constantly making scrolls on the go regardless of the situation.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!

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