Ever since the great scientist Nikola Tesla stunned his audiences with fabulous demonstrations of induction lighting more than a century ago, lighting firms. Which illumination solution is right for your facility? Learn about the practical differences between LED and induction lighting choices. from outside using magnetic fields (induction principle). The lamp therefore has no parts that can wear out and lasts so long that it may never need changing.

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Low-frequency electrodeless lamp technology parameters:.

Operating Principle of Induction Lamp – Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Limited

The exact frequency varies with lamp design, but popular examples include First is an EMI filter to reduce harmonics from the supply of alternating current. Some of the liquid mercury or the mercury in the amalgam vaporizes to provide the mercury vapor. As in a conventional fluorescent tubethe UV photon diffuses through the gas to the inside of the outer bulb, and is absorbed by the phosphor coating that surface, transferring its energy to the phosphor.

Victor Roberts Please contact us if you are a historian and wish to correct or improve this document. When the electron falls back to its original state, it emits a photonresulting in visible light or ultraviolet radiation depending on the fill materials.

In the internal core form see diagram elwctrodeless, a glass tube B protrudes bulb-wards from the bottom of the discharge vessel Aforming a re-entrant cavity. This tube contains an antenna called a power couplerwhich consists of a coil wound over a cylindrical ferrite core. Its origins are in microwave discharge light sources used for ultraviolet curing in lwmp semiconductor and printing industries.


Electrodeless lamp

The bulb operates at a very high temperature and most models needs a fan for cooling. In external core lamps, high frequency energy from a special power supply called an electronic electrideless passes through wires that are wrapped in a coil around a toroidal ferrite core placed around the outside of a portion of the glass tube.

The primary winding on the ferrite core, the core, and the discharge form a transformerwith the discharge being a one-turn secondary on that transformer. Ceravision changed the design using a clear quartz waveguide which improved the lamp and forms what we call the HEP.

Falconer Victor Roberts Photos: Inthe scientist Francis Hauksbee demonstrated that in a rotating glass globe with internal vacuum like in a barometer, filled with mercury, elevtrodeless statical charged by holding a hand against the rotating globe, a light phenomenon occurred, so bright that one could read a paper.

With high dlectrodeless efficiencylong lifespan, high color renderingthe induction lamp represents a new type of light source. Below are four different configurations.

This creates a high frequency magnetic field within the ferrite core. For induction lamp systems with a separate ballast, the service life can be as long ashours, which is The antenna coils receive electrpdeless power from the electronic electdodeless C that generates a high frequency.

External core lamps are basically fluorescent lamps with magnetic cores wrapped around a part of the discharge tube. Typically, such lamps use a noble gas or a mixture of these gases and additional materials such as metal halidessodiummercury or sulfur.

Electrodeless lamp – Wikipedia

Mercury vapor in the discharge vessel is electrically excited to produce short-wave ultraviolet light, which then excites internal phosphors to produce visible light. Microwave energy within the lamp resonates and ionizes the gas, this combines with metal halides to make an intense white light.


Thanks for viewing Sunlaite New Energy Co Induction Lighting products, any question or request, please contact us now. Full wattage 40ww Electrodeless fluorescent induction lamp Price Induction Lamp bulb. About product and suppliers: For induction lamps with integrated ballast, the lifespan is in the 15, to 50, hours range.

All credits and sources are located at the bottom of each lighting page. The electric field generated by the time varying magnetic field drives the mercury-rare gas discharge in the same way the discharge is driven by the electric field in a conventional fluorescent lamp. This is in contrast to a typical gas discharge lamp that uses internal electrodes connected to the power supply by conductors that pass through the lamp envelope.

You can identify the lamp by a metal screen on the outside of the lamp. A new type of induct ion lamp has been developed called the high efficiency plasma or HEP. The discharge tube forms one such closed path around the ferrite core, and in that manner the time varying magnetic field in the core generates a time varying electric field in the discharge tube, There is no need for the magnetic field to penetrate the discharge tube.

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