Eminence PSD High Frequency 1″ Driver, 80 Watts at 8 Ohms. Developed for totally loaded Eminence cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device. Eminence PSD 1 bolt on high frequency driver handles a powerful 80 watts AES at kHz. Eminence:: 1 Inch Bolt On:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W Compression Driver 8 Ohm:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W.

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Jeff Babcock Senior May 16, The inexpensive PSD was a surprise, with 6 dB more power, it hit This makes comparison of HF compression drivers between different manufacturers difficult in other than very fundamental respects.

Nowadays I use lossless AAC when encoding my own stuff.

High Frequency Compression Driver Eminence PSD 2002-8 80w RMS 8 Ohm Pair

Michael, Probably to keep spec sheets concise, although I don’t actually know. Art Welter Senior May 9, The larger diaphragm drivers have less odd order harmonic distortion at high volume. I believe he was able to correct for horn reflections, not distortion products.

I suppose many folks don’t notice it but I do, namely on cymbals and high hats. Also, in the same vein, there is less distance for the VC to support, or control at any one time.

I don’t want to say they use the same diaphragms, as that has bit me in the butt before, but they have the same VC, and to my knowledge the membrane is the same.

  CNS 12681 PDF

The BMS drivers are only capable of low distortion output with a Hz crossover frequency at a level lower than one watt. And the follow up conversations.

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More recently coders have pushed compression ratios even high by incorporating spectral replication. Thread starter Art Welter Start date May 9, For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well.

I suggest downloading “DRPAHiOutOnly” the high output of the crossover used for testing the HF driversfirst as a comparison to hear what the high end of the song sounds like before being recorded from the output of the HF drivers.

Regarding the VC size, and its relation to the surface area of the diaphragm. Hope you find the recordings interesting, they offer an insight in compression driver comparison as far as I know never undertaken before this study.

FS: pair of Eminence PSD 8 drivers

One question, and this is directed more to Bennett. Most of my sound work presently is in the dry high desert of New Mexico, HF air losses in hot summer temperatures require far more acoustic power to overcome those losses compared to similar heat at high humidity. Lot of thought here, and more so eminecne the thread expands. If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re stuck with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always. Eminencs Welter Senior May 17, Jan 11, 3 18 Ontario, Canada jeffbabcock.


We don’t publish a great deal of the data we take for each product, all of this is of course available for the asking. Forums Pro Audio Varsity. The Jensen Hypex is an antique, no longer available except on the used market. Sorry for the run on mess, tabs and more than single spaces in a line vanish after editing.

I’d also be very interested to follow a thread on masking in relation to drivers. All the drivers tested are nominally rated as 16 ohm. The larger diaphragms provide more output with less distortion.

But I do hear it even with AAC at the lower to mid bit rates. Examples of air non-linearity introduced by the mixing of two ultrasonic tones at dB SPL are available in posts of: And I am swamped with work at the moment, so will take a while to get to all the things I want to say here.

Eminence PSD 2002

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. So in addition to masking, our ears tend not to notice increasing amounts psdd2002 distortion at higher frequencies.

Michael Smithers Junior May 16, Jan 11, 2, 0 0 Land of Steady Habits www.