that shows this error: “Error: rangecheck; OffendingCommand: endcidrange.” I have had no problem printing other messages in the existing. PDF works for all other reports but one where I have used the Line command to draw lines and boxes in the detail section. Result is a log file. error rangecheck offendingcommand endcidrange. A PostScript error typecheck or rangecheck orrurs when you try printing edward tufte pdf download a.

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The other kludge solution is to keep hammering away in Outlookprinting the occasional recalcitrant e-mail message into RTF, printing that to PDF in OpenOffice 2. I would avoid the problem by simply not using the font, but in this offendingcommanx I’m trying to print someone else’s message to me.

Distiller error message: “rangecheck”

Someone else said that was not a helpful change, so I changed it back. I’m not even sure which outlook. It is a troubleshooting document. This particular e-mail message appears to differ from the others only in regard to the fonts it uses.


He said document on Adobe’s website has some relevant content. Meanwhile, having solved this problem, I am appending my remaining notes on the matter, for posterity, as follows: The guy said, “I know you’d like to get free support, but That process has failed so far.

I called Adobe tech support.

PostScript error: rangecheck

Guest, Jan 24, You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. I would do a workaround if this were the only problematic e-mail message, but I figure I am likely to have this problem again before I’m finished with the present task. I didn’t find any solutions in Adobe’s Knowledgebase or forums.

Sorry for the double-post.

I’m going to try this first, in case there aren’t too many misbehaving e-mails to worry about — it may be the fastest solution.

Feb 12, Likes Received: Seems it’s not just an Outlook issue.

Error Message | Adobe Community

Ray, Jan 25, I don’t know that this will be offendingcommane only glitch in the process, but at least I have managed to identify this one.

I have seen a few reviews that indicate it is much more stable. I also received the error. I reviewed postings containing various bits of advice. I am attempting to print about 9, e-mail messages in Outlook gangecheck a single PDF. When I try in various ways to print this message, I get a log file that shows this error: Next, I tried this: The number of recalcitrant e-mail messages proved to be quite small. So I bagged that.


I thought it might be the same as this forum, except that the list of messages shown there and here didn’t look the same. Instead of the General tab in that place, I chose the Fonts tab and changed the “When embedding fails” option to Ignore. Anyway, on Adobe’s site I am finding messages indicating that it sounds like a font problem, and that particularly the Arial Unicode MS font might be the issue. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

That did not solve the problem.

Microsoft has identified this problem: Ray, Jan 24,