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Thus, hermeneutics is conceived of as an act of interpretation across boundaries 3. The role of medical ethics is not so much to explain and apply ethical theories and principles, but to interpret and evoke all that encompasses moral experience: His role, he says, is not that of a provider ftica answers, but that of a Socratic interlocutor, through the invitation to dialogue In fact, for Aristotle, phronesis or prudence, which is the virtue responsible for decisions, is normative 25for the reason just noted.

One wonders whether it is necessary to presuppose this truth, because, in another case, it may not be clear what sense dialogue will have. Lingiardi V, Grieco A.

Εθνικό Κέντρο Βιβλίου / Greek books in translation

Libro II, 1, a Libro VI, 5, b But it overlooks the fact that dialogue, according to Gadamer, is directed towards truth. This statement falls short, however, and reduces the Gadamerian approach. The hermeneutical approach would consist, in his opinion, of listening to the voices of all the characters in the drama.

Yet while this may help us discard solutions based on unjustified prejudice, it does not determine a concrete solution. It is vital, therefore, to observe and listen to patients 1. Toward a hermeneutical bioethics. The question is why it occurs. Commenting on Gadamer, Grondin points out that a distinctive feature of humanism is not to produce measurable results, but rather to contribute to training But to have consulted well appears to be a certain good, for such a edittorial of consultation, as becomes the mean of obtaining good, is good consultation The hermeneutical approach helps us to understand how we form clinical and ethical judgment, but just as it does not tell us which treatment is good from a clinical standpoint, so it does not guide us about what treatment or the absence of is good from an ethical point of view.


Εθνικό Κέντρο Βιβλίου / Αρχείο μεταφρασμένων ελληνικών βιβλίων

Finally, we consider if the humanistic training provided by the moral sciences may have some role in decision-making and under editorail conditions section 4. This consists of an anticipation of meaning which guides understanding in an inescapable manner, as it constitutes a structural ontological moment of such comprehension In fact, the object of the humanities is precisely man and what he knows of himself.

Modern hermeneutics deals with the conditions of the possibilities of human understanding.

Catholic University of America; Hermeneutics is effective in putting the focus on dialogue, rather than method. Training is not experience, which is a lived knowledge, but it can be updated and refreshed like experience if the humanities are seen as moral sciences, the understanding of which constitutively involves editroial application to the present. This presupposes that, for many of the aspects presented, there is some kind of access, albeit partial, to objective truth. How to cite this article.

It is a fact that this occurs. The hermeneutical approach helps us to understand how we form a clinical and ethical judgment, but it does not tell us which nicomac is good from a clinical standpoint, gredis does it guide us about what treatment or the absence of treatment is good from an ethical point of view. All previous hermeneutic approaches emphasize the need for the physician and patient to listen to each other.

Following Heidegger, Gadamer shows that all understanding is continuously determined by the anticipatory movement of pre-comprehension It is true, as Svenaeus says, that Gadamer does not consider the goal of hermeneutic understanding the timeless truths that can be attained through a universal and timeless method. It is not that I impose myself, or that another imposes himself, as in a relationship of power.


Have stated that dialogue serves to reveal the particularities of our prior judgments and, through it, allows us to obtain a greater degree of understanding 8.

Therefore, one cannot understand another if one does not understand the world.


If grdeos doctor and the patient are prudent, agreement will be easier. Similarly, Leder believes that top-down deitorial such as Kantianism and utilitarianism can obscure the rich complexity of cases. This question is addressed in sections 2 and 3. For example, the medical tradition has undergone important transformations in the last decades, moving from the previously accepted paternalism to a growing respect for patient autonomy.

Good is in a varying conflict with will, which has to be suitably strengthened with custom so that it can operate with phronesis or prudence. Nature and natural law in contemporary philosophical and theological debates: If this is not in fact so, it is not because, in the Hobbesian manner, discord is replaced by concord and war by peace, but because each and every one of these perspectives may also be mistaken with respect to reality, or biased by prejudices.

It is significant that Gadamer, in The Enigma of Healthrefrains completely from formulating anything like a method for biomedical ethics But, as Aristotle teaches, this virtue is not directed at a particular good, health for example — as expressly stated — but to living well in general For example, the principle of autonomy will have more weight in the context of primary care than in tertiary care, where autonomy may be diminished.

El estado oculto de la salud.