Experiments in Intergroup Discrimination Henri Tajfel PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Experiments in Intergroup Discriminati. ON. MATRIX by Henri Tajfel. B. MATRIX 3. MATRIX 4. U. Intergroup discrimination is a feature logical causation. In The. Exp eriments in Intergroup Discrimination. Can cliscrimination be trctced to by Flenri Tajfel .. problem lvas to create experimental con- didons that would.

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Four groups of 8 served in each of the two conditions.

Intergroup Discrimination

Tajfel did not deny that competition between two groups influences intergroup discrimination but demonstrated that merely categorising people into in-groups and out-groups is sufficient to create intergroup discrimination. Scientific American, In the other two conditions, amounts were allocated in a fair manner.

Sherif believes that prejudice arises out of conflict between two groups. However, to maximise your own rewards while also maximising the differenceyou might well choose one of the middle boxes and give 12 to a member of your own group and 11 to a member of the other group. It is claimed tajvel the subjects are presented with a “clear alternative to discriminating against the outgroup.

The first part aimed to establish an intergroup categorisation while the second part aimed to assess the effects of the said categorisation on intergroup behavior. Prejudice can also bee seen as part of the general process of ethnocentrism. Tajfel points out that this last finding is blatant discrimination caused by categorising the boys into meaningless groups.


Towards the ends of the matrices a choice could be made that would help to maintain maximum joint profit, maximum ingroup profit or the maximum difference in amounts allocated between the two groups see image below.

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The paper questions the reasons that attributed to these negative stereotypes. All of the boys in each of the groups were from the same house in the same form at the school, so that they knew each other well before the experiment. The Social Construction of Reality.

Intergroup Discrimination experiments Henri Tajfel

However, many psychologists have demonstrated that conflict is not inevitable. The experiment consisted of 2 distinct parts. Forty clusters of varying numbers of dots were flashed on a screen and the boys were asked to record each estimate in succession on prepared score sheets. Take it with you wherever you go. Note that each box within a matrix forces the subject to favour one boy over another; there is no box that allows equal amounts to be given. In this experiment, the groups were randomly allocated to two groups after the boys had judged 12 hwnri by two “foreign painters.

The independent variable was the type of allocation they were asked to make and the dependent variable was the choices they made either being fair or showing discrimination.

Intergroup Discrimination and the Henri Tajfel Experiments

Brownfor example, suggests that the behaviour of the boys can be seen in terms of fairness as much as discrimination. At first the boys were brought together in a lecture room and were told that the experimenters were interested in the study of visual judgements.


On the second part of the study, the experimenters were aiming to find out the type of strategy used by the boys when allocating points.

Intergroup Intergrooup Experiments Henri Tajfel In Henri Tajfel and others conducted experiments in intergroup discrimation in the English city of Bristol. Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. Henri Tajfel, experiments Intergroup Discrimination. Leave this field blank: Experiments in Intergroup Discrimination by Tajfel H. The primary aim given to the boys was to maximise the profit. In one condition the top row of the matrices represented the amounts that could be allocated to a fellow group member.

For example when two groups want to achieve the same goal but cannot both have it, hostility is produced between them. This was then related to the stereotypes that existed for our own immigrants and their British-born children.

Human Psychology

This experiment is considered a classic in discriminatiob because it demonstrates that intergroup conflict is not required for discrimination to occur. This is not to say that Social Identity Theory does not work but suggests that within societies which emphasise co-operation and fairness intergroup discrimination will be less likely to happen.

The Second Experiment aesthetic preference.