Political rivalry: Ezhavas for 30% Kerala population and Nairs, about 10–15%! Nairs have fared better than . A brief history on rise of Ezhava assertiveness. Ezhava (or Elava in Tamil rich old Malayalam) literally means people from Elam or Elanka or just Lanka, todays Sri Lanka. Ezhavas were. The group shares a common history from the pre-social reform era, [citation needed] Most theories of origin for the Ezhavas suggest a Sri.

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Vishnu, what would you do, if someone asked an opinion about your worst enemy. It is said that they were the ancestors of the Ezhavas.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sarpa Kavu Main article: Please update all branches, its secretary and contact number.

However, they were degraded after arrival of Brahmins and after establishing Chatur Varna system. He was a retired history professor and have travelled widely, which was a trait I envied. Poorakkali requires specially trained and highly experienced dancers, trained in Kalaripayattu, a system of physical exercise formerly in vogue in Kerala. There are also group within Billavas also called Thiyyabillas or Malaylali Billavas in South Canara district who considered part of the Malayalee community.

The various dance movements are closely similar to Kalarippayattu techniques. Maybe I am wrong.


EZHAVA CASTE HISTORY | Sree Narayana GURU DEVAN-the greatest god

The warriors from both Ezhavas and Thiyyas rzhava known as ‘chekavas’. They were rather the mainstream of Munda-Drsvidian immigrants who left Tamil Nadu in the fifth, sixth, and seventh centuries to avoid persecution at the hands of their political enemies.

Syrian Christians, allowed by the Hindu leaders to have their own private armies, recruited Ezhava members due in part to this tradition. Sree Narayana Guru opposed this strongly and took the initiative to simplify marriage customs and celebrations.

Ezhava physicians from chavarcode family of kollam, were the chief Ayurvedic physicians of the Travancore Royal family during 18th and 19th century. Sree Narayana Guru opposed the animal sacrifice, leading to the decline of this ritual.

Home Talk Property Beat. Above details were heard from my ancestors who were the descendants of Pappan Chekavar Kottaram vydyan and Kalarippayyattu expert. The king of Ceylon ezhavq four bachelors to establish coconut farming in Kerala in the 1 st century A.

Kerala – Gateway To Paradise ( Kerala History, Kerala Society, Kerala Culture,

Venmanakkal family related to the Chavercode family was the first family to learn Ayurveda from the Pali language in addition to the Ayurvedic knowledge from Sanskrit. Growing Solidarity of Alleppey’s Coir Workers, —40″. But as per Purana Budha is ninth incarnation of Vishnu.

They entrusted nambootiris with the charge of performing poojas and rituals in Temples. Buddhist temples and monasteries were either destroyed or taken over for use in Hindu practices, thus undermining the ability of the Buddhists to propagate their beliefs. This is a combination of snake worship and Kalarippayattu.


The performers have their faces painted green and wear distinctive headgears. Ezhavas had buddhism, some people worshipped local dieties “chaathanmar” etc, but had hardly anything to do with Ezhavaa.

History of Ezhava

The ezahva holds a special attraction among community members in north Kerala and many of the famous acrobats of India come from this community Theories of origin Historians believe that Ezhavas of Kerala are soldiers of Villavar tribe who founded Chera Kingdom. A Way of Life. Dont say such stupid things. These men were sent, ostensibly, to set up coconut farming in Kerala.

Some Ezhavas were known as vaidyars Ayurvedic physicians.


Venmanakkal family physicans were the first to learn Ayurveda from the Pali language in addition to the Ayurvedic knowledge from Sanskrit. A subgroup of Ezhava known to be warriors and Kalari trainers. Indigenous environmental knowledge and its transformations. Soumini Devi, Kings used to exaggerate their military strength,by numbers and weaponry.