In F. Kamper-Jorgensen & G. Almind (Eds.), Forebyggende sundhedsarbejde [ Health promotion work]. Kcbenhavn: Munksgz’ird Danmark. Jenkins, R. (). Madsen, M., Rasmussen, N. K. & Kamper-Jørgensen F. () Sygdomsmønstret i Danmark, i: Forebyggende Sundhedsarbejde (red. KamperJorgensen, F. () Sygdomsmønstret i Danmark, i: Forebyggende Sundhedsarbejde (red. KamperJørgensen, F. & Almins, G.). København: Munksgaard. Margolis, L.H.

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The mean age was The most extensive forebyggendf were associated with the individual tailoring of patient programmes, which solely included a consultation with a physician at the start of the project. Experience with organization in the first year showed that the daily management of the interprofessional team needed to be strengthened. The significance of an integrated approach therefore needed to be discussed regularly in relation to the profession-specific activities.

Robert Zachariae

The rehabilitation programme was adjusted by focusing on type 2 diabetes, and cardiac rehabilitation was extended to a special diabetes module Chapter Ugeskr Laeger ; suppl 6: The standardized interview guides available in Danish at www. This adjustment allowed the team of practitioners to get to know the patients better, and the patient programmes could thereby be targeted and tailored better.

The purpose of this change was to ensure closer follow-up of the comprehensive performing of tasks, which had not yet become firmly established, and to meet the staff demand for clearer guidelines for internal and external cooperation. The figure on page outlines the individual phases gorebyggende traces them chronologically.

Livskvalitet – Research – Aarhus University

The cardiac rehabilitation team found that each profession tends to focus on its profession instead of focusing on the interaction with other professions and how this can contribute to the comprehensive efforts.


The cardiac rehabilitation project has undergone a process of development, and the staff have gathered considerable experience in clinical practice. Gathering experience The project began in March Efterbehandlingstilbud til patienter udskrevet fra en hjerteafdeling. Beslutninger i sundheddsarbejde [Decisions in organizations].

Evaluering af forebyggende sundhedsarbejde [Evaluation of diseasepreventive health activities].

Adjustment The programme was carefully adjusted in relation to sundjedsarbejde scientific protocol available in Danish at www. The comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programme and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Bispebjerg Hospital were founded as a project in late in accordance with the recommendations of a local working group on reorganizing cardiac rehabilitation 1.

Textbook and color atlas of tooth impactions – anmeldelser og bogpriser –

The need to adjust the project in relation to full operation was identified, and the project was adjusted in several ways.

This chapter describes the main aspects of the development process and the patient material. Rehabilitation services for patients discharged sunhedsarbejde a department of cardiology]. The development of the project is described in detail elsewhere 2.

Project Development And Patient Material

During the adjustment period, the Unit decided that all patients would take an introductory test of aerobic functioning to individually tailor the exercise training and a follow-up aerobic test and counselling with a physical therapist at 3 and 12 months.

Based on the interprofessional discussions, the rehabilitation programme was extended to include individual counselling with a physical therapist, clinical dietitian and nurse. Forebyggende sundhedsarbejde [Disease-preventive health activities]. The comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation project has gone through several development phases in its three years that are typical of reorganization 3;4. Considerable organizational and practical experience was obtained in comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation in the first year based on patient material equivalent to full operation.


Scientific articles will present information on patient attendance, patient evaluation of the cardiac rehabilitation services, the resources used and cost calculations and will calculate the effects and analyse the health economics of the programme in accordance with the evaluation model for the project available in Danish at www.

All staff helped to furnish the offices more details available in Danish at www. Two seminars were held during the project period: Project phases in the comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programme.

Copenhagen, Munksgaard Danmark, Twenty percent had known type 2 diabetes. Copenhagen, Danish Heart Foundation, Founding The staff, who were recruited through internal selection Chapter 12 describes the joint training programmebroadly supported the founding of the comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programme.

Project phases in the comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programme Gathering experience The project began in March Experience from the first year showed that the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes did not comply with the current guidelines 6and the team of practitioners suspected that type 2 diabetes was being underdiagnosed among patients in the programme.

As several professions are involved in treating patients, the tasks and division of labour needed to be defined clearly in relation to treating patients and in relation to administrative and technical tasks. The adjustment improved the focus on individual exercise, following up the effects of exercise, biofeedback and adjustment.

Copenhagen, Bispebjerg Hospital,