Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. We sell raw speaker drivers (tweeters, woofers. Fostex FEE. new old stock, sealed. condition new. sold as Fostex FEE is a mm (“) full-range driver. The driver is well built and like. Shown is an example of a. FEE double bass reflex type enclosure. • Multiple bass reflex ports repro- duce lower frequency. • The first port is tuned ‘Fb’ to.

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It is magnetically shielded for use near television or CRT monitor. Another positive characteristic of a bipole system is that the rear driver compensates for the baffle diffraction stepand thus no electronic correction circuit is required.

Another ratio sometimes used is 0. Created 12 November They work well in a home theatre with subwoofer support. This may be useful to easier mate with a fe172e — or in the case of the miniOnken lean out the bass in a room where it is otherwise overfull. The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4. These serve different sets of user needs.

As you can see, the parameters measured do not match very closely with those published by the manufacturer.

However, I chose to go with 23L for aesthetic reasons and to allow for an easy conversion to a T-Line had I been disappointed with the sealed results. A Sealed Enclosure, often referred to as an acoustic suspension enclosure, is the simplest form of a speaker box.

Fostex FE127E Fullrange Speaker Driver

They can be made fully aperiodic with the addition of foam plugs in the ports. The enclosure design has taken the golden ratio into consideration which helps with the final sonics. Last update 12 July The increased room reflections provide a good response off axis and a better sound stage i. The cone is made of banana plant’s fiber and this it is very light and the driver is fast.


For two FEE drivers, the optimum volume is about 12L. The sonic character of these two speakers are different.

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The FEE has been used in a wide variety of enclosures including sealed, bass reflex, Transmission Line and Quarter Wavelength enclosures. Created 28 February Here the Fostex FEE fullrange driver is used in a small vented bass reflex box. In addition to the cabinet bracing, small blocks of various sizes and shapes were glued to the inside panels in random and non symmetrical locations to further alter resonances and helped to use up the 1.

A bi-amp speaker terminal was used with one set to the BSC and the other directly to the speaker. The results shown below are the average of four drivers which were very closely matched. Inspired by a deep regard for the look of Tony Gee’s Solothe miniOnken for the FRs literally came in a flash one might consider the Solo as the fonken for the FE See appropriate Box Plan pages.

On that basis, this project uses a sealed enclosure in an attempt to get the best mid-range performance from these drivers.

BiFonken Mk ii fostwx. It also sounds really good. Even more far-out versions have been proposed 1. Finished versions of the miniOnken with planethifi modified drivers also available separately can be special ordered and flat-paks are under development.

The frame is stamped steel so it should benefit from some damping with ductseal. Other added benefits of a sealed enclosure include a much higher attainable SPL and a better overall bass response as the speakers will be coupled with fosfex subwoofer. Plans linked are freely available for non-commercial use only.


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With wall loading within 25 mm2 dB was found to be adequate, dB was required in free space, but this speaker really needs wall loading. My favourite page in Olson’s Acoustics is the one with the graphs that show the fodtex of box shape on diffraction and from this that a box with heavily champhered edges gets you most of the way with little effort.

This full-range driver is capable of frequency response from about 70Hz to 20kHz, but note the limited X max. I had a lot of success with this driver in a Sealed Bipole Speaker Enclosure. The following circuit was added to the speaker input terminal. The enclosure design for this fe127w is shown below in Drawing This is accomplished by the use of small panels no box wall has a greater unbraced panel span than 5″ mmthe use of relatively thin, light, and stiff baltic birch plywood, and the driver braced fodtex a large portion of the mass of the box panel to spread that energy as thin as possible.

Fostex FEE Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver

Each plays to a somewhat different strengths. The Fonken likes small amps with highish output impedance like SETs, no-feedback push-pull. The table below shows a comparison of the measured results.

The Fostex FEE is a mm 4. The advent of home theatre has made the sub-woofer an accepted piece of kit and even a modest tweeter can give more than acceptable performance if crossed over in the k range you’d need – and the crossover can be a single capacitor.