American anthropologist Liza Dalby is famous for being the first Western woman to have ever trained as a geisha. In this classic best seller, Liza Dalby, the first non-Japanese ever to have trained as a geisha, offers an insider’s look at the exclusive world of female. Geisha are exotic even in their homeland. At the same time, geisha are the most Japanese of Japanese. In this book, Liza Dalby examines these intriguing.

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She barely touches on the way in which the powerful patriarchy of Japan limits all women, even those with the most freedom: When did she first begin to study the language? New York Times Book Review.

Liza Dalby, the blue-eyed geisha

Becoming a geisha is a notoriously long and difficult process. Dalby’s second novel, Hidden Buddhas: Liza Crihfield Dalby born is an American anthropologist and novelist specializing in Japanese culture.

A came out of reading it was a greater understanding of the saintly origins of Valentine’s Day.

To view it, click here. It also gives an explaination about the fact that people from West Europe, America often treat geishas as exclusive prostitutes, which is very untrue. Many today still yeisha that they are merely glorified prostitutes; a subject that Liza thoroughly addresses in her book with pictures and descriptions of practices between the two.


The New York Times.

Yet Dalby’s book went further back into history and deeper into every cultural aspect than any others I’ve stumbled across. Book ratings by Goodreads. It has aspects of her time as a geisha, but it wasn’t too autobiographical. Are they being protected, or are they protecting the world?

After that, one connection always seemed to loza to another. A criticism of liberals that I hear a lot is that actually they talk about how inflexible conservatives are, etc. The definition refers to being flexible. So we somehow managed to communicate and she was just so nice to me. I especially enjoyed learning more about Japan and its culture, which has always intrigued me, and the chapter on the kimono was a pleasantly engrossing surprise yes, I sew, and therefore should have expected to be so interested, but I digress.

Liza Dalby

The first thing that kiza me when this book arrived through the post were the amazing pictures. She performed at ozashiki without charging money, and, from the experience, formed friendships and relationships with geisha in the district. Photos courtesy Liza Dalby. One cannot even marry and be a geisha.

In this book, set in modern-day Japan, Paris, and California, she writes a story set against the backdrop of the concept of hibutsu secret Buddha statues in Japanese Buddhist temples. May 30, Cherese rated it really liked it. A very good read. We visited Kyoto often during our 31 Months there, and Liza’a insight helped inform our experience.


This is a brilliant book for anyone who wants to learn about the geisha of Japan, written by someone who has first-hand experience. Wow, is it too much to expect for an American woman to be able to do all these things?

A well researched book into the floating world of the willow. Geisha are free in many ways that the average Japanese woman is not.

Liza Dalby, the blue-eyed geisha – Telegraph

It forcussed mainly on geisha arts and customs itself – without being too historical. I think they realize that if they are going to continue as a profession, they must keep the artistic and cultural standards high. The Best Books of A Novel of Karma and Chaoswas published inin llza she returns to writing fiction.

Her working as a geisha, her experiencing their world, is responsible da,by the breadth of her understanding” New York Times Book Review “Elegantly balanced Sometimes it almost seems like she is prejudiced toward Westerners I enjoyed this far more than ‘Geisha of Gion’, as it was much more insightful about the life of a modern geisha, and covers those outside the Kansai region.