I decided I wanted to set up a PDF printer for Windows, and I had several components (Ghostscript, RedMon, MakePDF), but I had to figure out how to make. Ghostscript is a free PostScript interpreter that can also create PDFs, much like Acrobat’s Distiller. Use RedMon to plug the power of Ghostscript into the. Hi, I have been reading about creating pdf files using ghostscript, redmon and a post-script printer. Does anyone how to put all three of these together? People.

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Download it from http: Click the Details tab. However, its license severely restricts its use. You can monitor available releases from GS homepage.

Hack 93 Modify or Convert Batches of Documents. Join Our Newsletter Learn about the latest security threats, system optimization tricks, and the hottest new technologies in the industry.

If the wizard remarks that a driver is installed for this printer, select Replace Existing Driver and click Next. DRV to see if a recent PS core is installed. So we would need latest version of GhostScript compiled for Windows.


If it suits you, download the latest installer currently 1. Click Finish to complete the installation. Download the corresponding zip file, redmon Now, let’s test it. Unzip it into a convenient directory and note its contents.

Click OK to accept the new port settings. One option is to use the Adobe PostScript driver installer, as described in the earlier note.

HOWTO: Create PDF in Windows using GhostScript and RedMon.

Here is a quote from official GhostScript homepage describing the software:. Enjoy a convenient path to PDF, free of charge.

Hack 27 Become a Publisher. You can download version 1. Windows XP comes with an up-to-date core PS driver.

There is one for 32 Bit Windows and another one for 64 Bit version. An example is included with the Virtual Printer Kit.

The RedMon/GhostScript/MakePDF HOWTO

Hack 34 Multipurpose PDF. Be careful not to overlook the solitary hyphen at the end of the program arguments. Hack 38 Acrobat Distiller ghostsfript Its Profiles. RedMon port properties Field Value Redirect this port to the program: An example is included with our Virtual Printer Kit. The Ghostscript home page is http: How to Contact Us.

That directory already contains ghostscirpt final two ingredients: So i have decided to prepare this step by step guide explaining how to install and configure free PDF maker publisher using GhostScript and RedMon. Set Use Log File and enter a log filename, such as C: Jump down to Section 4.


Hack 39 Print to PDF with Ghostscript and RedMon on Windows

The trouble is, we need an up-to-date Hgostscript core. Once your download completes extract all files from the archive into a folder and run setup. Learn about the latest security threats, system optimization tricks, and the hottest new technologies in the industry. There are other applications that can produce PDFs, but they are either expensive or have built in advertising. Windows might rednon that our driver is not Windows Logo-certified. Continue with Section 4. Notify me of new posts by email.

The wizard should now display only one printer, our Virtual PostScript Printer. For this latter purpose, I like the printer driver download for the Phaser driver version 4.