He took up the job on June 1, and submitted his report on August from the Government whether Girglani Commission was appointed to. GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ONE MAN COMMISSION (SIX POINT FORMULA) J.M. GIRGLANI, IAS (Retd.) FINAL REPORT IN THREE VOLUMES. Girglani Commission will be implemented in toto: CM Girglani Commission report on Telangana would be implemented in letter and spirit.

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He said his party is associated with the movement and was willing to dissolve the party if the state was formed. The only follow-up action that the government has taken is the nomination of a group of ministers and dispatching the copies of the reports to the departments at the Secretariat level.

Retrieved 6 January The Commission has suggested that there should be a system of fixing responsibility and taking disciplinary action, including initiating criminal proceedings against the violators, in the case of deviations from the Presidential Order. The Rule is only to facilitate transfers between the Regional Office and the subordinate offices and vice versa. This is met with protests from the Telangana MLAs.

Over 40 trains to Hyderabad cancelle”. They are being transferred from anywhere to anywhere, regardless of their local status. In Decemberthe States Reorganisation Commission was appointed to prepare for the creations of states on linguistic line. This was met by protests and chaos created by the Seemandhra MLAs. When Hyderabad is included, Telangana fared better. Deviations from the Presidential Order have been noticed in all such organizations, particularly in Sericulture Department.

The ruling party seemed to restrict the integration to be an in-house affair only. The Girglani Commission submitted its preliminary report on on implementation of GO Ms Wikisource has original text related to this article: Amendments include the details of financial package to Seemandhra to address their concerns. Before the bifurcation, many companies were paid taxes to capital city Hyderabad for their operations in Seemandhra.

Committee for Consultations on the situation in Andhra Pradesh. Retrieved 23 December The influx of non-Mulkis never stopped. Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Police said that there are intelligence reports that the protestors could attack properties of people of Seemandhra. Once again people of Telangana could not help but feel betrayed. The Final Report, comprising xommission spread over three volumes, was handed to the government on September 30, By-elections took place on 18 March in 6 Telangana assembly seats.


But on 29th NovemberOsmania University, commisson symbolizes the conscience of Telangana, resumed the symphony.

It was attended by Damodar Raja NarasimhaDeputy Chief minister of the state, central ministers, state ministers, MPs and MLAs who expressed the confidence that their party leadership will create the separate state soon and said that Congress will perform well in the next elections in such a situation. This has caused a commkssion of confusion in region-wise income distribution. However, the 3, constables found to be non-locals could not be transferred at once and the government had directed the authorities to shift them in a phased manner, ensuring that administration and law and order was not affected.

Both national houses of parliament would then have to pass a resolution to create Telangana.

Fazal Ali Commission’s Recommendations The formation of separate Andhra State gave stimulation to the demand for clmmission creation of other linguistic states in India. Retrieved 30 November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coming under attack from both sides, the police ceded the entire Necklace Road to the protesters who marched on till Jal Vihar.

The constitution of India describes India as. On 30 September, the day of the march, Police closed the gates and blocked students at the Osmania University gate and other protestors at several places in the city when they were proceeding in rallies towards the March venue.

NEED FOR TELANAGANA: Girglani Commission Report:

The army had to be called in. This did not satisfy the Mulkis and the consequent resentment was so rife that incentral government promulgated Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Requirement as to Residence Rules – in accordance with The Public Employment Requirement as to Residence Act, – providing that 15 years continuous residence would be required for appointment to government jobs.

In this regard the most glaring case is commission of Panchayat Raj Engineering Department who recruited directly AEEs from among Work Inspectors of their workcharged establishment from the year to 95 without applying the principle of local candidate for local cadres.


Lasting for almost a decade, this has been one of the most longlasting movements in South India. It turned out to be pending appeal against initial allotment which was a justified appeal. Some Departments effect inter-zonal transfers in violation of para 5 2 limitations where a Region has more than one Zone within it. The TJAC leaders alleged that the government has been using repressive measures to prevent them from representing the aspirations of Telangana people in a rrport manner.

On 28 September, after long discussions between JAC leaders and ministers from Telangana region, the state government ignoring warnings about the possible breakdown of law and order, gave permission for the march.

Such third party cookies may track your girglai on Oneindia sites for better rendering. It appears that no action has been taken as yet on the Commission’s finding in this regard, in the Preliminary Report. It also held consultations with political parties and general public while also factoring in the impact of recent developments on different sections of people such as women, children, students, minorities, Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Telangana movement

Both BJP and Congress lost their deposits. Retrieved 6 March However, to legalize their immutable status amendments are to be made to Para 2 and Para 8 of the Presidential Order, duly obtaining orders of Government of India.

If all the departments had extended their full cooperation, the Commission would have brought to light startling facts on the injustice meted out to Telangana since the formation of Andhra Pradesh on November 1, Immediate orders seem to be called for. Osmania University students again resorted to stone throwing and police retaliated by using tear gas shells.

In SeptemberSushilkumar Shindethe newly appointed Home minister of India commented that the Telangana demand needs to be handled carefully since similarly carved smaller states saw increased Naxal problems.