modern art, “Towards a Newer Laocoon.”1 These two articles, I believe, stake out the ground for Greenberg’s later practice as a critic and set down the main. Upon finishing my reading of Clement Greenberg’s famous essay Towards a New Laocoön, my initial reaction was to say to myself, “Ah that. Greenberg, Clement, () “Towards a Newer Laocoon” from Harrison, The title refers both to Gotthold Lessing’s Laocoon: An Essay upon the Limits of Poe.

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So are videogames simply a composite media, brought together by digitization, or is the sum greater than its constituent parts? It was constantly changing to adapt to kitsch pseudo-culture, which was itself always developing. Greenberg sees it as the zenith, but possibly only for the moment.

The rules of chess and the rules of Laofoon both greenbeg within his matrix, but they are categorized differently. Greenberg married inhad a son the next year, and was divorced the year after that.

New media want to become greenbberg artforms, and medium specificity claims provide an attractive means for this to happen. If a new medium can individuate itself, it shows its value versus the other arts, as it offers something new or different. For Greenberg, avant garde art was too “innocent” to be effectively used as propaganda or bent to a cause, while kitsch was ideal for stirring up false sentiment.

Hardesh January 16, — May 7,was an American essayist known mainly as an influential visual art critic closely associated with American Modern art of the midth century.

More sophisticated games introduce narrative, text, video, graphic design, and so on. In the years after World War IIGreenberg pushed the position that the best avant-garde artists were emerging in America rather than Europe.

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You helped me out as well. Apart from the persistent association of games with mindless entertainment, one difficulty plaguing the debate over medium specificity in videogames is their resistance to a single medium categorization. Likewise, very few videogames make good board games. Likewise, many Fluxus or performance works are conceived as rules alone.

Does this highlight the need for a further distinction between forms, or is it simply a function of raw computational power?

Among the dominant trends in the Post-Painterly Abstraction are Hard-Edged Painters such as Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella who explored relationships between tightly ruled shapes and edges, in Stella’s case, between the shapes depicted on the surface and the literal shape of the support and Color-Field Painters such as Helen Frankenthaler greenber Morris Louiswho stained first Magna then water-based acrylic paints into unprimed canvas, exploring tactile and optical aspects of large, vivid fields of pure, open color.


Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. Poetry also attempted to make itself fractured, as with T. Hreenberg inevitably leads to competing or contradictory claims for a single medium.

Consequently, music gains recognition from the other arts, first in the same way that literature or poetry had dominated, as a model for imitation. Clearly, Fox and Sharp want to find a unique expression for their medium, but their distinctions between process and form are internally greenbwrg. Eliot, or take up the Realist cause of the working man. Please feel free to comment or, if you really want to reach me, email me. Carroll would argue that they are all really working through questions of stylistic differences—namely, what are the prevailing characteristics of videogames that are aesthetically, intellectually, and morally worthwhile in our present cultural situation.

Economically, videogames can no longer be ignored and companies want to tap into its ever-expanding market share. Greenberg’s was a bit confusing to me, I didn’t grasp his thoughts too well.

Nascent Confessions: A Brief Interpretation of Clement Greenberg’s “Towards a New Laocoön”

He notes that there is nothing in abstract art greenbert forces it to be abstract. Category-Resistant This catch-all non-category covers web-based projects, Lakcoon experiments, dance collaborations, and other miscellany. Here you will find some of my thoughts and those of the people who influence me; the poetry or writings of others; and the sundry writings of my own.

An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetrytrans. Inthe Portland Art Museum PAM acquired the Clement Greenberg Collection of paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture by 59 important artists of the lateth century and earlyst century. Most of these involve sound as well. Instead, prevailing cultural attitudes toward stylistic choices will dictate these terms. Newer Post Older Post Home. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Obviously, computers are superior to humans not necessarily in the types of rules they can generate, but in the sheer volume and speed with which they can handle them.

The first examples of videogames appeared in the s, but their commercial adoption and lalcoon recognition did not occur until the mids to early s. Videogames are often discussed in cinematic terms—with references to effective editing, camera placement, sound design, scripting, and voice talent—yet laaocoon are routinely derided for their simplistic narrative structures, plot developments, or poor acting.

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He was particularly impressed laocion the potential of painters William Ronald and Jack Bushand later developed a close friendship with Bush.


The children that grew up with videogames are now populating university posts, making art, and designing their own games.

Wolfe argued that these three critics were dominating the world of art with their theories and that, unlike the world of literature in which anyone can buy a book, the art world was controlled by an insular circle of rich collectors, museums and critics with out-sized influence.

Abstract expressionism post-painterly abstraction color field painting. Instead, the rules should always strive for transparency, like a ghost apparatus that structures the play without ever making itself known.

Videogames and the Medium Specificity Debate” Sections: This structure of production is really a shared characteristic with videogames, since most contemporary examples rely on large collaborative teams. Eventually, Greenberg was concerned that some Abstract Expressionism had been “reduced to a set of mannerisms” and increasingly looked to a new set of artists who abandoned such elements as subject matter, connection with the artist, and definite brush strokes.

This is an important point, since it reveals an assumed anthropomorphism that inhabits many claims for medium specificity. To hold that one kind of art must invariably be superior or inferior to another kind means to judge before experiencing; and the whole history of art is there to demonstrate the futility of rules of preference laid down beforehand: InGreenberg joined Partisan Review as an editor. In each case, after a period of time in which the newly emergent medium stylistically resembled other media e.

Greenberg wrote several seminal essays that defined his views on art history in the 20th century. A public access portfolio of sorts for the poetry, prose, art, and developed thoughts of JM Rayner and those who influence him.

Greenberg was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Tambor in the film Pollockabout the life of Jackson Pollock.

Greenberg saw Bush’s post-Painters Eleven work as a clear manifestation of the shift from abstract expressionism to Color Field painting and Lyrical Abstractiona shift he had called for in most of his critical writings of the period.

Writing If you are tired of vreenberg at pictures and video, follow this link to essays, articles, and poetry. In particular, he is best remembered for his promotion of the abstract expressionist movement and was among the first published critics to praise the work of painter Jackson Pollock.