gvSIG User manual – Preference window – Map preferences. This section of the preference window can be used to customise how you wish to work with. Common options. Introduction; Properties; Placement; Visualisation; Allow label overlapping. Common options. Introduction. Regardless of. With this tool you can select which geometric properties to calculate for a visible vector layer in the current view, and then save these properties.

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The Network extension for gvSIG 1. It should be noted that gvSIG currently adds the areas and perimeters of islands to that of the surrounding geometry. Label a layer with space in the name of the field. Where is MapControl’s addMapTool method? Version notes Improvements Known problems. API de los servicios asociados al consumidor de datos. Background Color button doesn’t refresh once the color is changed.

gvSIG-Desktop User Manual — gvSIG

The following components will be automatically installed: Download the file from the web appropiate gvig the operating system and execute it.


Version notes Improvements Known problems. These options are accessible via the buttons on the labelling tab of the Layer properties dialog box and are described below. Postgis tools doesn’t works on ubuntu 9.

Integer table fields are switched to maanual type. Migrating Projects to gvSIG 2. To apply the changes exit and run again gvSIG. What is equivalent to the FieldDescription class in version 2. Plone basics Content types Estados y flujo de trabajo Vistas. Can’t find getModel in the View class? New Features Improvements Known problems Other notes.

The 3d shp incorrectly exported from gvsig to PostGIS.

Raster pilot Description Manial. Version notes New features Other notes Improvements Known problems. User Manual by Victor Acevedo — last modified Maven Introduction Maven plugins Local and remote repositories Common tasks. Version notes New features Known problems.

Maven Introduction Maven plugins Local and remote repositories Common tasks. Properties The ‘Properties’ button provides access to a large number of label options.


Legend problem when the field chosen for the 11.0 is a string but the values represent numbers. Installation is automaticaly launched by gvSIG installer.

Get to know gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source Geographic Information System

Normalization extension Description Credits. Persistence error trying to open a gvp saved with gvSIG 1. Lower versions for instance, Ubuntu 6. Not possible create or visualize a smallint field type from the Field Manager.

Unable to export to postgis when a field called gid already exists. How to contribute in gvSIG?

Texture problems in ATI cards. Version notes New Features Improvements Known problems. The extension has been updated to work on gvSIG 1.

Plone basics Content types Estados y flujo de trabajo Vistas. How do I create a raster layer?