Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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There are around forty paper-wax capacitors to replace along with five electrolytics. However, since the earliest “A” kanual happens before the Christmas Rush and there are several examples of “non-A” panels that post date HA, we are going to assume that intermixed stock accounted for a lower percentage of “A” panels used in production for a short time two weeks or so. Hallicrafters’ serial numbers on early equipment consists of a number sequence hallicrafhers addition to a manufacturer code number.

This will result in very clean anti-backlash gears that operate correctly. The SX would become an all-time ham favorite, famous for incredible audio coupled with amazing sensitivity, stability and selectivity – all at a reasonable selling price. These are hallicrafterx minor modifications involving resistor changes and improvements are certainly subjective.

A couple of losses in this method of operation will be the S-meter function but it is really not very useful and only provides a relative measurement anyway. Be sure that the receiver you are judging has been completely rebuilt and aligned before making a hasty decision regarding its audio quality.

Since this is an early version, note the air capacitor trimmers. The SPX will depend on condition, whether it is civilian or military and the paint type used on the front panel. The BFO section is to the right of the 6V6s. Fuse and fuse holder added – initially mounted atop chassis adjacent to 5Z3, later installed on back chassis apron. The same applies to the ball bearings on haloicrafters dial drive gears.


The SXA has no RF box per se, as the coil chassis make up the entire front-end shield assembly when mounted to the receiver main chassis. Since this is an approximation and is taking into account intermixed stock, the number of receivers is rounded off to about units. Most speakers are dated in some manner – ink-stamped on the frame or cone is most common.

White Tuning and Band Spread Dials – I recently received an e-mail photo of a restored SX that had been fitted with modern reproduction “white dials. All three receivers have been completely rebuilt and aligned.

Hallicrafters SX-28 Service Instructions Manual

The known evidence – an apparent absence of any authentic examples – leads one to conclude that the use of WWII vintage white dials on an SX is a myth. There are two common versions of the “White Dial” myth. Custom Front Panel Colors: This receiver illustrates that the late production SX receivers were fitted with parts that formerly were thought to be exclusive to SXA production. Since the audio requirements were minimal, the Push-Pull audio output 6V6s were usually replaced with a single-ended 6V6 audio output.

Other contractors included Belmont Radio Corporation. Of course the SX drifts, This receiver also had the louvered cover over the tuning condenser that is screwed to the top of the condenser-RF box. This lack of bright light and John’s meticulous care has preserved H in an exceptional original state. Never use “Windex” or similar ammonia-based glass cleaners on the nomenclature side of the dial. This was an unusual problem of very low gain caused by a broken powdered-iron slug in T-3 last IF transformer.


Any SX with serial number earlier than H, – verification as to when production began earliest reported sn H A separate power supply is required and the HRO lacks a powerful audio section utilizing only a single-ended 42 or 2A5 on early models.

This superior quality effort resulted in dial readout accuracy of 0.

I use a Makita driver to disassemble the RF box – it’s a lot faster and the bits seem to fit the Phillips head screws better. The following changes are not necessarily shown on the schematic or the parts list in the Manual.


Be sure to wipe off the excess of either product. Additionally, the military examples are usually fungicide treated which makes any rework soldering difficult. Many SXs are in fairly halkicrafters condition after years of storage in less than ideal environments. This is a mechanical issue and without the screws any movement of the cabinet results in flexing of the chassis.

The early SX gearbox will have two separate gear trains that operate the main tuning and the bandspread dials. What about in actual use? H seen on eBay Latest SX serial number encountered: