I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while. As I leafed through my GenCon coupon book, I ran across a voucher from. A little background on my search for Harn (optional). I’ve run all kinds of games over the years with varying levels of enjoyment on my part as the DM. My group. Index background Search: Harn ( results) The Fragment: A Harn Novel Argon Publishing: . Free RPG Day , Various Publishers, Various Systems.

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Each skill is improved independently, in response to use in play or to study and training. Atlas Harnica Map I6.

Most of it actually makes sense. Atlas Harnica Map K5. As per the original article, I’d known of Harn for ages from its ads in Dragonbut didn’t actually get to play in a game of it until a few years ago. Besides the ongoing border skirmishing with Rethem, there is a haunted wood nearby, and a mysterious grotto beneath the castle, includes a colour site map and interior plans.

An Introduction to Hârn |

It is best suited for a realist style of play, and is not well-suited for those who prefer a fast-paced game. The orcs of Korego have a long history of conflict with both the local human tribesmen and merchant caravans.

I somewhat liked the Harnmaster rules, but on balance the experience was dpg tedious than fun. It was one of a number of games cancelled by Electronic Arts at the time due to budget cutbacks. Atlas Harnica Map C6. The plans of the House of Usel, one of Harn’s better known gladiatorial schools are also provided.


The aging king stubbornly clings to power and there is growing civil unrest among the clans. The seat hqrn the immensely powerful Earl of Nurisel, a dabbler in magic and a member of the Council of Eleven. It is described in a series of publications and free downloadsincluding a player guide. Columbia GamesKelestia Productions. He is also worried that Loban’s annual feudal obligation, namely bushels of rye, has not yet been received.

The nomadic tribesmen south of Orbaal, hostile to most intruders but friendly with the lord of Noron’s Keep. In addition to these basic attributes, a number of derived attributes such as Endurance, derived from Strength, Stamina, and Will are used to describe a rrpg basic qualities and abilities.

A cave complex with an Araki small orc population ruled by a Khanu great orc elite. Why are the other noble guests of the abbey so chilly and remote?

An Introduction to Hârn

It detail can be used for a campaign emphasizing roleplaying. One important thing to consider about Harn is that while there is a lot of material, a tremendous amount of it is free and of high-quality. Harn is regarded with disdain by most Lythians.

Includes a colour map and interior plans. An outpost of the Epg of Jarenmark in northern Hurisea, held by clan Pelstrorn. No civilized society can function without a legal system, and even on Harn, the administration of justice is surprising complex.

Includes a color site map and interior plans of the Fyvrian chantry. Once a burial ground of Jarin chieftains, an evil curse involving tales of “walking dead” has overtaken this once prosperous Ivinian community. Now gloom hangs like a shroud about Kiraz, sealed with enchantment and good stone. I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while.


Atlas Harnica Map H1. Also includes information on Sirion, the Miners Guild, and Iracu mine.

HârnMaster – Wikipedia

You can now create and plan your campaigns, quests, and inking adventures within a complex and realistic background, confident that this world will unfold as it should. Chybisa maintains a fragile independence from Kaldor and Melderyn, both of whose kings have claims on her crown. CGI and Crossby worked together alongside Auran until when the Auran project was cancelled by Electronics Artsthe game’s proposed publisher, before it was fully completed.

But I never have.

A written request for information from Sir Kathel Dezaller, lord of Loban manor, has been ignored. Now, you don’t have to use all the level of detail just because it exists. There is one major pub that. There are several dozen of these. You can use the detail you need and customize what doesn’t fit your campaign. Magic works and players live their game lives amidst deep myth and enduring legend. An acrimonious disagreement ensued. It is exactly the kind of setting I like to play in All of the population, economic, and other data on each settlement underlay the UPPs.