Text. Hevajra Tantra, the King of Tantras (Skt. Hevajranāmatantrarāja; Tib. ཀྱེའི ་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་རྒྱུད་ཀྱི་རྒྱལ་པོ་, Wyl. kye’i. A Buddhist Tantra of twenty chapters, thought to have originated in the eighth century. The name is based on the male deity Hevajra, a personified symbol for the. THE core of this work is an edition of the Hevajra-tantra, based upon a. Nepalese manuscript, which was kindly lent me by Professor Giuseppe Tucci. This text.

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When giving the other xx xvi The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra parts of the consecration the guru commences the rite with the Master consecration. So the yogin must himself become Hevajra for Hevajra is the Means. However these blissful states and their powers are only staging points on the way to full enlightenment.

Thus V 26a 7 -b 1: I must therefore beg much goodwill and patience of my reader, if he is to follow me through this attempted explanation. For these may still claim in hevanra with basic theory that samsara is identical with nirvana. How the elements which originate from the great bliss are dif- ferentiated into five during the sexual union is described.

Hevajra Tantra

Now among these perfections there is one of skill in means upayakausalyareferring to those means by which tet bodhisattva should exercise his compassion. It uses mystic circles and divine forms as aids to 7 concentration, but forms of the buddhas worked in stone had now been long in use, and it is in terms hevajrx the traditional stupa that the mandala’ vs, conceived in the Hevajra-tantra.

Desiring to place this statue on a worthy support, Ravana had planned to take Mt. They are based upon schemes of extreme complexity and circumscribed with all the authority of fixed traditions.

The secret code language was for the direct, oral, transmission of instructions from the guru to the hevajraa. Arrangement of Mantras This, how- ever, is unconvincing, for these texts only began to have importance for Buddhism when they were brought hevzjra the open, and one may err as much by laying stress on their secrecy as their supposed popularity.


He is adorned with a diadem of five dry skulls. Wenn sich der Upaya d.

Full text of “Hevaraja, Concealed Essence Of The Hevajra Tantra Farrow Menon MLBD”

According to Abhayadatla’s biography ofthe Eighty- four Siddhas, Krsnacarya was instructed by his gum Jalandhara to seek instruction from another of Jalandhara’s disciples, a weaver. The tantric system of the Mahasiddhas was created out of the refined use of a variety of practices found in other traditions as well as the evolution of mainstream Buddhist practices. These two components of the word evam represent the purified male and female, solar and lunar deities and their mandalas, the two principal concealed essences.

Regarding the hevajrra of existence and non-existence it is said: And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your nevajra and service has been for me. The siddhas have, however, trained themselves hebajra regard them as though they were non-existent. On Reciting Mantras Il8 Chapter xi.

Then from the center of Great Bliss flows the Moon.

Krsnacarya’s commentary demonstrates that he was well-versed in the Abhidharma tradition and the Mahayana schools as well as the tantric view which originates from the Guhyasamaja Tantra.

The sixty-two are Chakrasamvara and his consortand his retinue: It sometimes is spelt, however, with the phonetically similar form: Their whole theory of symbols is based on this same idea of perfection existing in an imperfect form, by means of which one gains the otherwise unattainable perfection. We have translated some pre- viously untranslated tantric works. The components of the adamantine body are described. This distinction is maintained in the few relevant sadhanas to be found in the Sddhanamala nos.

In the commentaries one is dealing always with the internal process, or with the internal process as the end envisaged. It may indeed 1 Woodroofe, Shakti and Shahta, p.

Of this I have so far known nothing? HAM is burnt and the Moon melts.

I am sunk in the thick mud of phenomenal existence, save me who has no other resort. In this manner the whole assembly is empowered by the Dance and the Song during the Assembly of the Circle of Initiates.


They were the foremost exponents of the tantric method by virtue of their own direct personal experience of the instructions given to them by their own gurus. It is with fundamental variations of this kind in mind that one hesitates to commit oneself to any one particular scheme, as they clearly varied from one school or one master to another, much as the external mandala might be varied. Consecration is said to be four- fold for the benefit of living beings.

They were considered to be of profound import because they had developed certain powerful means of mental and physical control, which if practised rightly, seemed to lead with certainty to that state of spiritual equipoise which had always been the chief goal of Indian religious endeavour.

Hevaja definitions of Bhagavan are given.

Hevajra Tantra – Rigpa Wiki

In actual fact the ideal remained far more modest, as represented perhaps by such men of learning and sanctity as Hsiian-Tsang met in his travels, or by yogins and ascetics possessed of special powers, in the existence of which the followers of the Buddha had always believed.

A description ofthe utilisation ofthe differentiated world as a means in the practice of the Process of Generation is given. Also we may insert the four truths, duhkha, samudaya, nirodha, and marga, as indicating that the whole doctrine is comprehended within the body.

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. In the Process of Completion utpannakrama the union of the two purified forms, mandalas and the seed syllables ofthe deities of Wisdom and Means is performed.