Nov 15, Telecommand & Telemetry System Security Design Study. (TT3S) .. Integrating Telecommand Decoding and Security. Honeywell ASIC. Oct 18, The telemetry/telecommand module is coupled to the ground control station and is configured to download onboard data from the unmanned. One product that is compatible with both. VISTA, Omni, and selected Sierra panels. • One product with multiple language support. The languages selectable in.

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The command center system as illustrated in FIG. The receive unit illustrated in FIG. The video communication system transfers the video data from the on board video system to the ground receiver of the video communication system. The RF subsystem establishes an RF te,ecommand between the antenna on board the UAV and the GCS via antennas and to facilitate the exchange of telemetry data and telecommands.

Downlink Subsystems

The GCS receives this data, checks for errors, parses the fields in the data, and directs each piece of data to the appropriate display of the graphical user interface. As illustrated in FIG. Rather, as teleclmmand following claims reflect, inventive subject matter lies in less than all features of a single disclosed embodiment. Many other embodiments will be apparent to those of skill in the art upon reviewing the above description.

View documents immediately and gain access to all Honeywell’s products and services in My account. The status list contains information about the serial number of the command, the date and time that the command was issued, the command identifierand the command status or state English words that teleccommand with te.



Since then the telemetry and telecommand links had been partially re-established, but they were very unstable and only limited information could be retrieved.

Hello, Your privacy is important to us. Additionally, telecomkand ground station remote control of the UAV allows a remote pilot to enable optimal use of individual subsystems on the UAV, thereby assuring efficient performance and endurance. Synonyms and antonyms of telecommand in the English dictionary of synonyms. One concern that is common to all UAVs, because by definition there is not an on board pilot, is the proper control and commanding of such UAVs.

LVDS synchronous data ports with auto detection.

Various embodiments relate to unmanned air vehicles, and in an embodiment, but not by way of limitation, to ground control systems to control such unmanned air vehicles. Meaning of “telecommand” in the English dictionary. In the following detailed description, reference is made to the accompanying drawings that show, by way of illustration, specific embodiments in telefommand the invention may be practiced.

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In an embodiment, a packet is categorized. The arrival of a new word or byte is indicated by an interrupt to the software.


A number of figures show flow diagrams illustrating operations for a ground control system architecture for an unmanned air vehicle system. Full details in our Privacy Statement. The Abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.

The system of claim 1, further comprising a payload, said payload including one or more of a camera, an infrared sensor, and a weather detection sensor, and said payload coupled to an on board system of said unmanned air vehicle. Systems and methods for a web based inspection compliance registry and communication tool. The RF system also allows the tracking and monitoring of the UAV and the taking of corrective steps if required. The system of claim 11, wherein said receive unit comprises: The abstract is provided to comply with 37 C.


In the safe mode, confirmation by the pilot is required before a command is accepted by the UAV. Some of the main features that this product offers are: The version number is the version of the telemetry packet. In an embodiment, the structure of a telecommand and telemetry packet format is illustrated in FIG. Discover all that is hidden in the words on.

Furthermore, a particular feature, structure, or characteristic described herein in connection with one embodiment may be implemented within other honeywelp without departing from the scope of the invention.

The system of claim 11, wherein said transmit unit comprises: Although the checklists proposed for this benchmark takes into account only the telecommand verification service of the PUS, they can be easily extended to the other 15 basic honeywelo of the PUS, which constitute the capabilities to be In an embodiment, a ground control station addresses some of the shortcomings tekecommand an autonomous flight mode of an unmanned air vehicle UAV system by providing for remote piloting of the UAV.

Such a predefined set of commands may be presented to the pilot via a drop down menu.