Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hp Blc 10gb Sr Sfp Opt SKU: B21 UPC: : HP BLC 10GB SR SFP+ OPT: Computers & Accessories. Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter, Up to Mbps RJ45 to Mbps SFP Slot. Find great deals for HP BLC 10gb SR XFP OPT RMKT Kit (r-b21). Shop with confidence on Product Identifiers. BRAND. HP. MPN. RB eBay Product ID (ePID) Cisco Sfpg-sr 10gbase-sr SFP Transceiver – Electronics.

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HP BLC 10gb SR SFP OPT 455883-b21

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HP BLc 10Gb SR SFP+ Opt (B21) – Product Information Lookup – Tonershop

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HP 10gb SR SFP Transceiver Module | eBay

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HP 10gb SR SFP 455885-001 Transceiver Module

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