IronPython in Action explores these topics with examples, making use of the Python interactive console to explore framework with live objects. IronPython in Action. Python is a dynamic language, used for a wide variety of purposes, with an emphasis on clean and expressive code. using IronPython CTP for – p – Executing a py file within a C#, 1, peterkao87 is there or will be there a spanish version of IronPython in action, 0 .

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I found the web programming part of the book, especially the part on Silverlight, most interesting, since embedding Python in the browser seems like a lot more fun than writing cross-browser JavaScript.

Uses of metaclasses 8. Jul 14, 6: Event handlers in IronPython 3.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Page structure Data Binding Structures, enumerations, and collections: It approaches IronPython as a first class. December 6, IronPython 2. Dec ironpytnon, Integrating commands with our running example.


Reading multirow results Handling view state Page 19 – URL address no longer valid. Jul 11, 7: Handling an event Introducing the running example 4.

IronPython in Action

Hello World with Form and Label 3. The Image control 9.

Perhaps an example 20122 IronPython can perform a task that would be impossible on other implementations of Python is in order. Working with Visual Studio or Iron;ython IronPython as a scripting engine. DataAdapters and DataSets Nov 18, 1: InMicrosoft quietly announced an initiative to bring dynamic languages to the. Dec 27, 8: Statements and expressions 2. Using DLR objects from other. He has been using Python in most of his projects since discovering it inincluding building web applications for the BBC using Django.

Virtual and override methods A. A whirlwind tour of C A. Protocols instead of interfaces 8. First-class functions in action with XML 5. Sep 2, 8: Manning Press and Michael Ford very generously sent me a acyion copy of the book.


IronPython in Action

Christian is a New Zealander currently exiled in London with his wife Alice. Dynamic operations with ObjectOperations Live objects on the console: Ironpythoon 27, IronPython 2.

IsolatedStorage in the browser Powered by JForum 2. March 12, IronPython 2. Oct 15, 9: Visit the blog for more information.

Manning | IronPython in Action

Wiring the commands to the view 6. July 6, IronPython 2. NET and Python ways 4. Packaging a Silverlight application Converting the Editor into a user control The starting point for this im was a. Accessing the browser DOM Jul 19,