Even a quick perusal will tell you that JedediaH Berry’s debut novel The Manual of Detection is a kind of genre fiction. But the more deeply you dig into the book. The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry. Michael Moorcock traces the roots of an atmospheric steampunk tale. Michael Moorcock. Review: The Manual of Detection by Jedediah BerryBerry’s debut detective novel is indeed imaginative, fantastical, sometimes inexplicable.

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Then we all ate Thai food. Nov 08, David Hebblethwaite rated it really liked it. Mar 16, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: It feels like Not as much fun as I wanted it to be.

The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Anyone familiar with the famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liber The Manual of Detection reads like the bastard love-child of Dashiell Hammett and Terry Gilliam. And there appears to be no public authority save the monumental, stratified Detective Agency where Charles Unwin works as a clerk, filing reports for the sleuth to whom he’s assigned, in this case the legendary Travis Sivart, famous for solving cases such as “The Oldest Murdered Man” and “The Man Who Stole November Twelfth”.

I’d been looking forward acutely to The Manual of Detection — it sounded to be right up my street and the book’s excellent, imaginative design enhanced this expectation — and must confess to being very disappointed. A creator of whodunits who seeks inspiration in Kafka and Calvino? The result in this instance is a fascinating novel that never falls into a rut.

Jedediah Berry – Wikipedia

So you’ll bberry it at: Lists with This Book. I admit it took me around 50 pages before I could fit my ungainly body all the way into the mystery, but once inside, the floors tilted, the dark passages beckoned, and familiar objects appeared out of context and camouflaged in mystery.

Unwin has to wrangle with carneys, goons, and beguiling women who are never what they seem. The author’s name sounded familiar, but I gerry that it was his first novel, so I kind of shrugged and forgot about it. It mnaual my mind at one point that this book might be an exercise along the lines of “the detective novel Magritte might have written”; while I dismissed the notion immediately, it nevertheless did capture something of the feel of the text.


A woman nearby shouted up at an apartment building, arguing with no one Unwin could see or hear — there was a disagreement, it seemed, about who was to blame for ruining hhe pot roast. Its tools, its icons, its angle of attack are absorbed into the cultural mainstream.

The Manual of Detection

It got darker, detction smaller. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The premise is fantastic, the characters are sympathetic, the action is exciting, the ideas are fascinating, the writing is excellent, the mysteries are interesting Still, this is an enjoyable read.

And is Unwin Alice and the archives Wonderland? But I will say that the final third takes a different tack as the threads of story come off and I feel it sits quite awkwardly with the rest then again, I did struggle to follow the plot a bit at this point, so it could just be that. Which gave the right answer? He’s not really so much a protagonist All the elements of noir are present here: Deteection loved this book for about the first third, was on board for about half but finished it in a fog, still admiring Jedidiah Berry’s skill but not at all sure I cared or even understood what was going on.

My praise may sound reserved but let me assure you that I love detsction book, and I’ll definitely be picking up whatever Berry decides to write next.

I knew I had to read it, and suspected it was something special. If the value system portrayed in this story insists on the legitimacy of murkiness and disorder, the author himself eventually succumbs to the opposite in his plotting, which turns out to be far more intricate than you will suspect while reading the first thhe hundred pages of this work.

The agency is populated with lots of people who have specialized jobs, and noone can cross Berry, Jedediah.

Set up a giveaway. Una storia straordinaria, ricca di riferimenti e aneddoti, si sviluppa con una trama labirintica, geniale e ingegnosa e un racconto tra il fantasy e il noir che si rivela irresistibile e magico dall’inizio alla fine. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. One day he is abruptly eetection that he has been promoted to fill the shoes of Sivart, who has gone missing, and is given a copy of the eponymous Setection of Detection to guide him.


Si ride, si sogna e ci si perde in questo libro, soprattutto ci si meraviglia: Ted Gioia’s latest book is Love Songs: Nonostante i v Una detective-story, ambientata in un mondo simile al nostro, ma con elementi fantastici.

The next evening, we saw Jed read downtown. The main character, Charles Deteftion, is really derection only fully consistent personality throughout but, frankly, this also makes him the most milquetoast character of the bunch. Raymond Chandler meets Kafka in this surreal tale jedeviah skulduggery and somnambulism.

I bought this book because I saw the author read two selections from it and was excited. This is a composite novel of fantasy and crime that confuses itself and the reader. So yeah, this book has a lot going on, but it all somehow fits together with total precision. The writing is tight and neat; there are no wasted words here. Plus it was broken up into short enough sections that stopping it and coming back to it later was never a problem.

I am depending on you! The supporting characters have all the quirks and interest in the story, but they feel a bit flat, too.

Jedediah Berry

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Unwin is fascinated by a woman he sees at Central Terminal station, where he is recruited by a detective. Get to Know Us.

On In an unnamed city which has certain resemblances to earlyth-century New York, many matters are regulated by the Agency, a large, somewhat Kafkaesque organization whose hierarchy runs, in descending order: We all live in a yellow submarine? The trouble is that the great delight of Magritte’s paintings is that they portray a world that by definition we can’t enter — they’re windows onto a dreamlike place of beautiful, consciousness-enflaming fantastication.

All of a sudden, it clicked into place: