Sophie’s Choice has ratings and reviews. Julie said: We are like lutes once held by away from His warm bodyfully explains our co. : LA DECISION DE SOPHIE: RO In Broché. Etat d’usage, Couv. convenable, Dos plié, Intérieur frais. pages. Premier plat . LA DECISION DE SOPHIE. Volumen II by STYRON, William and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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However, while lengthy and flawed, I found that the compassion and humanity felt throughout made it a worthwhile and very moving read.

The reveal of this information instantly brought a comparison of Stingo to Quentin Compson. I’m surprised that this is considered a great American novel and would never recommend it.

La decisión de Sophie

I mean Southern sports. The narrator, Stingo, says “I was aware of the large hollowness I carried within me.

Her family history, how she ended up in a concentration camp she is not Jewishthe almost unfathomable decision she is forced to make while there, and how this secret changes who she is. I read this book at Amy’s prompting and found it one of the most complex reading experiences of my life. Arendt herself cites Albert Camus ‘ Twice a Year sophif the story without providing a pinpoint reference.


I’ve always loved Stingo. Hopefully, it cleaned up some of Styron’s messes.

Sophie’s Choice

So, I finished in just 2 hours after this! First, I liked everything about this book: Before I knew it, I was on every date with him, from the pious Christian virgins to the overanalyzed Jewish cock teases his wordswith him for every deplorable hand job and every salivating moment when he wondered.

When I put the book down, though, it didn’t leave me right away. Maybe I’ll try again some other time. But I never even told you hardly anythng about Birkenau, when they begun to starve me to death and I go so sick I almost died I’m also surprised at the sexual content. Almost no one—including Sophie and Stingo—knows that Nathan has paranoid schizophrenia.

Heidegger and “the Jews”. In the end, view spoiler [Sophie commits suicide with Nathan.

We are grateful if we have kind parents and caregivers. PaperbackVintage International Editionpages. Auschwitz itself remains inexplicable.

I know people like him in real life. I was still moronically in love with her. His search lands him in a boarding house in Brooklyn, a time when trees still grew there.

Sophie’s Choice by William Styron

It seems that his family once had a slave named Artiste and he was put out to work. He held on to the complicated reins wiliam these plot lines like a master, and even though this is a long and sometimes heavy book, he always found a way to perk me back up with some cookies and juice.


Willkam was conflicted while reading it. Bed springs squeak and a head board beats against a wall with a steadily increasing rhythm. What do these pages have to do with anything?

He sometimes behaves quite normally and generously, but there are times when he becomes frighteningly jealous, violent, abusive and delusional. The third character in the book is Nathan, Sophie’s lover, and he embodies this human schizophrenia literally.

Sophie’s Choice (novel) – Wikipedia

Styron’s ideological and narrative choices in his framing of a novel touching upon the “limit events” of Auschwitz, considered by many to lie beyond the realm of the imagination… spurred a polemic… which, twenty-five years later, is far from having died down. Cesar Ozaki Yes, on the same boat. I wouldn’t aophie this one.

We do not know about the idea of free will, so we do not worry about it. Page to page, my forbearance towards Styron spiked and dipped.

Sophie is an Aryan, not Jewish. Decisio, one star is a bit dramatic.