Learn about the causes of gingival enlargement and some of the benefits of LightScalpel CO2 laser gingivectomies. Laser gingivectomy for treatment of gingival hyperplasia. A, Presurgical view. B, Ten days after the laser procedure. The cause of the hyperplasia was lack of. One of these is gingivectomy and it is the main topic discussed in this article. It is a dental procedure that is done with a hard tissue laser or old gold standard.

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No anesthesia was required. A significant increase in ginvivectomy plaque index and the gingival index had been seen in patients with conventional gingivectomy when comparing the means at the day of the surgery and after week at the removal of the lwser pack, this could be explained by the presence of periodontal pack which act as retentive factor for plaque leading to gingival inflammation. The mean of the plaque index in Group 1 was 1.

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Surgical lasers for medical specialties including: All surgeries were done after explaining to the patient the aim of our study and informed consent was taken.

Please help out by adding categories to it so that it can be listed with similar articles. Copy the following to cite this article: Gingival enlargement can result from either hyperplasia or hypertrophy. Erbium lasers do not interact with titanium and can be safely used around titanium implants.


Fifty subjects with an age range from years old had participated in this study, they were all systemically healthy, nonsmoker, and they were diagnosed as having plaque-induced gingivitis and gingival enlargement. Fibrous gingiva growing over implant healing cap excised with Er: Diode Laser Versus Scalpel Gingivectomy. Terms, pricing, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

In Group 2, periodontal pack was placed after the surgery and was removed after one week. LASER is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The progression is often slow and painless, although in advanced cases gingival bleeding and oral malodor can arise, indicating an oral infection secondary to periodontal disease.

Diode Laser Versus Scalpel Gingivectomy | Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal

Doctor Testimonials ,aser Testimonials. For the gingival index, the mean in Group 1 was 1. Group 2 show significant differences in plaque and gingival indices between the visits. This procedure helps to improve the esthetics and oral health. Lasers in Dentistry—Current Concepts. The biopsy taken immediately during the conventional gingivectomy shown dense fibrous connective tissue stroma and stratified squamous epithelium while the laser biopsy showed necrotic epithelium and burning like appearance with no clear demarcation between layers.


YAG laser gingivectoym in the second phase of implant surgery: Scaling and polishing were done to all the participants prior to the surgery.

Laser Gingivectomy | Belmont Periodontics

Retrieved from ” https: YAG gingivectmoy allowed for precise control of the gingival margin and placement of a gingivecto,y. YAG laser[2] Er: Neoplastic enlargement benign or malignant tumor.

Enlargement due to systemic diseases or conditions. This work is licensed gingiivectomy a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Seven days later, second biopsies were taken, in conventional gingivectomy moderate fibrous connective tissue with dense inflammatory infiltrated cells.

Biomed Pharmacol J ;10 4.

Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics. The patient complained of minor discomfort only. The surgeries were performed at the periodontic department in the college of dentistry- university of Baghdad.

Also they were asked about any discomfort and difficulty during speech and eating. Deciding whether to do a conventional gingivectomy by scalpel or to use laser depends gingivectomt many factors, in our study we compared between the two methods.