Layne Norton’s presentation from the International Society for Sports frequency to support maximal protein synthesis and muscle mass. Layne Norton, PhD. October 31, Watch The Video – So how does leucine stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis? Well first we need to. Layne norton suggest that to reach the leucine threshold one should will maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and that should work.

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BCAAs are a category of amino acids. So how does leucine stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis? Whether or not it is of benefit for athletes and bodybuilders to supplement with additional leucine on top of a high protein diet to further increase muscle mass in the long term has yet to be determined however.

Here is an excerpt from the article I wrote. I realize this is probably only interesting for people who are interested in minute details. Other more recent studies and review papers have put this limit in a similar range muxcle even higher. In actuality a very small percentage are used for that role.

On the trend of more protein is better I find that all protein products are pretty much useless as it is simple to get adequate amounts in a caloric threshold. True enough, most all powders are pre-disgested, manufactured dietary supplements, but I think the value of them cannot be denied. My buddy has been eating every hour to hour and a half because he gets ravenously hungry after each meal and that quick. Can they be taken together with food or will that slow down and diminish the effect?

I agree that most do over consume protein out of paranoia but protein powders can be useful for convenience if nothing else, or if someone is a vegetarian, or has certain food allergies that may prevent them from getting protein from typical sources. By edwardjiang7 in forum Teen Bodybuilding. Once in the bloodstream amino acids can also be taken up and utilized by other tissues such as the kidneys, heart, skin, etc.


Any ideas about optimal meal spacing for those who want to maximise muscle protein synthesis?

Leucine: The Anabolic Trigger!

Now that the thick science is out of the way, what does this tell us? Layne — does chewing your food denature the protein musscle it?

Thanks MichielN, this is the piece by Layne: But the issue is absorption of the protein to me. This is in terms of absorption rates. My shakes normally ran 70g protein.

Episode 2 of Muscle College Radio: Muscle Protein Synthesis | Biolayne

In fact, leucine has about a 10 fold greater impact on protein synthesis than any other amino acid! It synyhesis be political. Thank u much no not at all, cooking is fine i mix my whey with egg whites then cook them as a pancake. It is actually not against protein at all. I guess I somewhat use Norton’s theory, works well for me.

For those who try to maximise muscle protein synthesis – Forums

This thread is about spreading your protein over the day in order to achieve synghesis protein synthesis. Looking at leucine alone is also being questioned. Do you believe there is an upper limit to how much muscle mass, naturally, a body can accrue? You see proteins are long chains of amino acids that are linked together by peptide bonds. I believe most bodybuilders get residual soy through protein bars, meal replacements, etc where the concentration is pretty low.

Most studies on Human subjects show that this is false.

I like to mix whey powder with my oatmeal and wondered if the heat has a negative effect. To each their own, but I’ve had better success since giving up focusing on the minor things, and putting my effort into synthessi the proper macros and correct training.

I consider 2 scoops of soy as a pretty high dose.

His recommendation of eating three evenly spaced meals with protein of about grams would have you ingesting an average of about grams leucine.

Whole proteins take long periods of time to empty from the stomach into the small intestine and finally into circulation. Originally Posted by gansi1. Let this nonsense stop here and now. One of my friends in the office where I work has asked me about how beneficial high levels of protein would be to a person who lifts only twice a week, but does triathalons. I eat pre-workout meal a hour and a half before workout should i take whey with oats here too?


I know your disclaimer is about achieving optimal protein synthesis, but you should keep in mind that both MPS and FSR are not necessarily guarantees of hypertrophy. I certainly wouldn’t suggest someone go out their way to meeting a 16 fast in the hopes of it offering any more than convenience, etc.

So, for me, it is a big help convenience-wise, because I can time everything much better, AND get my protein requirement. Is it the same with BCAA: When this occurs on a large scale it is known as skeletal muscle hypertrophy growth and it is the process by which our muscles get bigger. Leucine has a far greater stimulatory effect on protein synthesis than any other amino acid and it has been shown that protein synthesis increases similarly in response to a relatively small dose of leucine compared to a whole food meal.

Small amount are helpful for males if taken. I think whey post workout is fine, but really i just use it whenever i need to get some extra quick protein in On Muscle growth: I could go into more detail, but I would most likely lose most of my audience and the current level of discussion is fine for understanding the pathway. Originally Posted by Mrpb. The amino acids remain intact and are still available. Results 1 to 30 of As I understand it: Activation of mTOR is strongly associated with increased protein synthesis.

Research seems to suggest is may be a good alternative for casein. BA in Nutrition Science online coaching meet total.