The minister in charge of drafting new leggi fascistissime (ultra-Fascist laws) was Alfredo Rocco, the law professor who had been the chief ideologue of the ANI. Palazzo-Vidoni Pact Trade unions under Fascist control. Leggi Fascistissime Mussolini – head of the government. Opposition and free trade unions. Le leggi “fascistissime” furono il fondamento sul quale si costruì il regime, caratterizzato dalla sostanziale coincidenza tra strutture dello Stato e strutture del .

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Grandi’s Order of the Day. This article is about the fall of Fascism in the Kingdom of Italy. The Duce spoke calmly and confidently: L’Italia tiene fede alla parola data ” “The war goes on. Here they demonstrated that the assembly had the constitutional power to remove Mussolini.

His idea was to depose Mussolini, let the king make a government without Fascists, and at the same time attack the German army in Italy. In any event, a transfer to his summer residence was out of question for obvious reasons: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Greyshirts Ossewabrandwag. In the night, just after the end of the meeting, Grandi met with Duke Pietro d’Acquarone: To take ldggi of Italy and forcibly disarm the Italian armed forces after their expected armistice with the Allied forces, the Germans developed plans for operations Alarich and Konstantindevoted respectively to the occupation of Italy herself and the Balkan areas occupied by the Italian Army.

Mussolini was unable to speak a word.

Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato (1926-1943)

Fu istituito con la legge 25 novembren. In the event, a motion by 61 senators on 22 July asking to convene the Senate was blocked by Mussolini, and only Mussolini had the power to summon the Grand Council and determine its agenda.


Among the four existing state institutions, the Party, the Chamber of Fasci and Corporationsthe Senate and the Grand Council, only the last two were suitable for an action: He summarized the history of the supreme command, trying to show that the attribution to him had been sponsored by Badoglio. Bovone aveva compiuto alcuni attentati dimostrativi con una vittima mentre Sbardellotto non era andato oltre la mera intenzione.

The Tascistissime went to his car, but the captain told him to go to a nearby ambulance, for his security.

damn leggi GIFs

Apparently the King agreed with him, as this would explain why the Duce was not worried at all about the outcome of the Grand Council meeting. Roma, Anppia,p. One big problem was to find an institution suitable for a political action. I prosciolti erano comunque affidati al controllo costante della polizia, che poteva eventualmente diffidarli e fascisttissime per il Confino [8].

Gortan, dopo essere stato torturato e dato per reo confesso, venne condannato a morte e fucilato il 17 ottobre. It went down in history as the “boot topping” Italian: Victor Emmanuel accompanied him to the door, where he met Captain Vigneri.

Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato () – Wikipedia

Il 28 settembre vennero condannati a morte i sei fratelli Sef en Nasser, colpevoli di aver combattuto contro l’esercito italiano per un ventennio. Nel giugno la competenza del Tribunale Speciale venne estesa a Libia e Somalia.

L’istruttoria poteva concludersi con l’assoluzione dell’imputato, con il rinvio al Fascistissie speciale o, a seconda dei reati, alla Magistratura ordinaria o militare [6]. After the arrest of Mussolini, the King met the queenwho told her husband: He read out and explained his document, concluding his speech with Mussolini’s citation of “Let perish all the factions, so that the Nation can live”.

Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference. The small island had been turned by Mussolini into a citadel, but — unlike Malta — after a week-long heavy bombardment, it was reduced to a smoking crater, and fell to the Allies almost without resistance.


Durante il regime fascista il Tribunale Speciale ebbe il potere di diffidare, ammonire e condannare gli imputati politici ritenuti pericolosi per l’ordine pubblico e la sicurezza del regime stesso. In Rome, the government locked up the most important Fascists in Forte Boccea at that time Rome’s military jail.

The Duce announced that, due to the length of the meeting, some comrades had asked for a postponement to the next day. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: In this situation, several groups belonging to four different circles the royal court, the antifascist parties, the fascism and the general Staff started to look for a way out.

Mussolini answered, choosing as his summer residence, the Rocca delle Caminate, in Romagna. Poco prima dell’inizio dell’udienza gli imputati venivano condotti nell’aula incatenati salendo dal sotterraneo per una scaletta sulle cui pareti comparivano scritte come Morte ai traditori!

Estratto da ” https: The King interrupted him, and told him softly that the country was broken and that the situation required him to quit his post: Vigneri received drastic terms for delivery at any cost of capturing and to complete the mission, as well as three non-commissioned officers of the Carabinieri Bertuzzi, Gianfriglia and Zenonwho in case of need were allowed to use weapons.

There Mussolini, Bastianini and Ambrosio met with Hitler and the generals of the OKW to discuss the situation and the possible countermeasures. The last sentence of the communique of 25 July, while not deceiving Hitler, puzzled the Allies who after some days started again the bombardmentsmarking the beginning of that ambiguous policy of the Badoglio government, which would bring about the national catastrophe of 8 September: