Slow released compound fertilizer as fertilizer alternative for Lempuyang Gajah ( Zingiber zerumbet Linn, Smith) []. Erythrina (Balai Pengkajian Teknologi. The in vitro antibacterial activities of three essential oils of Lempuyang wangi ( Zingiber aromaticum Val.), lempuyang gajah (Zingiber zerumbet Sm), and. Uji Aktivitas Anti Rayap Ekstrak Rimpang Lempuyang Gajah (Zingiber Zerumbet Smith) terhadap Rayap Tanah (Coptotermes Curvignathus Holmgren).

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Indian J Pharmacol, Therefore, they are less valued for culinary purposes than those of Z. The anti-inflammatory as well as the analgesic and antipyretic effects have also been related to the presence of phenylbutenoids. Methanol extracts of Z.

In Thai traditional medicine, the rhizomes are taken against asthma and muscle and joint pain. Harvested rhizomes of Zingiber are used either fresh, in which case they are washed, sliced or grated, or dried.

Metabolic Fingerprinting as a Diagnostic Tool. A comparative study of Gxjah zedoaria and Zingiber zerumbet plantlet production using different micropropagation systems.

Antipyretic dan Analgesic Activities of Zingiber zerumbet Extracts. It is found throughout tropical Asia, in tropical Australia and in Japan.


The addition of powdered leaves of Z. Rhizomes of Zingiber are generally dug up when about 1 year old, but may be harvested earlier. Zingiber is commonly found in moist, partially shaded evergreen and monsoon forests on soils rich in organic matter, but also in secondary forests, open habitats at forest edges, disturbed sites and bamboo thickets on rocky soils, at altitudes up to m.

In Indo-China, the rhizome is considered tonic, stimulant and depurative. The fungitoxic activity of Z. When gajaah irrigation is not used, it is advisable to plant during the rainy season to ensure rapid crop establishment and optimal growth. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 8 1: The Green pharmacy of Malaysia. Green pharmacy of Malaysia. Sementara zerumbon tingkat ditentukan dengan metode yang sama tetapi tanpa derivatisasi. Retrieved from ” https: They are valued for their aroma and taste.

IJMS – Indonesian Journal on Medical Science

Spectrofotometry in metabolome Analysis. Redrawn and adapted by P. Zingiber is prone to lodging, especially in windy areas, so should be staked. The following groups here considered varieties have been described as separate species but lempuyyang not sharply delimitated:. Derivatisation Handbook of Analytical Reactions. In Malaysia, the rhizome is administered internally as a vermifuge, whereas various poultices, lotions, decoctions and applications are rubbed over the body after childbirth and used against swellings, rheumatism, contusions, numb feet, gonorrhoea and pain in various places.


Teh herbal lempuyang gajah sebagai penurun lipid peroksida darah tikus hiperkolesterolemia

The crop may be fertilized with standard NPK fertilizer. J Essent Oil Res, See Terms of Use for details. How to cite item. Zerumbone is also the major component of the stem oil 0. In New Guinea, the plant is used in masculine rituals and reported to make women sterile. Zingiber contains about species and its lempuywng of diversity is located in South-East Asia. Lem;uyang of organic matter, some sand, and limestone can be added to improve the soil.

Cookies help us deliver our services. Indian J Exp Biol. Zerumbet ginger rhizome oil from Vietnam Source: