By far the most widely read and studied of Sembene’s novels, God’s bits of wood is a “Ousmane Sembène’s ‘Les Bouts de bois de Dieu’: The Mechanics of. Sembene Ousmane’s third novel, God’s Bits of Wood, was originally written and published in French as Les Bouts de bois de Dieu. The novel is. One of Ousmane Sembene’s paramount intentions in Les Bouts de Bois de Dieu appears to be, on the one hand, to rid the colonized African 2 of the complexes.

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This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. How are these ideas at odds with her own background and experience? We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. It is his colonial system that requires that denial of adequate food, education, and health care for the indigenous people of the colonized land.

The Question of Language Ousmane may view language as simply a media between Africans when it comes to the interaction between equals, but when there is a divide between the status of the parties, and the interaction is between have and have not, then sembhe selective use of language begins to enforce the boundaries of power from ruler to ruled.

The book also highlights the d faced by women in the colonial era. As the strike progresses, the French management decides to “starve out” the striking workers by cutting off local access to water and applying pressure on local merchants to prevent those shop owners from selling food on credit to the striking families.

The Changing Role of Women The evolution of the strike causes an evolution in the self-perceptions of the Africans themselves, one that is most noticeable in the women of BamakoThiesand Dakar. Compare the French factory official Edouard’s treatment of N’Deye Touti during the women’s uprising at Dakar page to his treatment of her before the rally at Dakar page If the Africans must learn French in order to deal with the managers, those French managers will soon have to learn Ouolof ousnane Bambara in order to communicate with the African employees.


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The following questions work well as either discussion questions or as short paper topics. Le mandatprecede de Vehi-Ciosane.

The novel is set in pre-independence Senegal and follows the struggles of the African trainworkers in three cities as they go on strike against their French employers in an effort for equal benefits and compensation.

Editors Samba Gadjigo and Ralph Faulkingham write that this incident that ended Ousmane’s school career would presage his efforts to “reclaim from colonial and neocolonial misrepresentation the reality of an African past and present and to proclaim the dignity, independence, and power of African cultural forms for the continent’s future” Gadjigo and Faulkingham 1.

It is Bakayoko who tells Beaugosse “You can keep your French for yourself.

Comprendre “Les bouts de bois de Dieu” de Sembène Ousmane in SearchWorks catalog

But beyond making the families dependent on the machine and its masters for food, the machine has also forced the men to rely upon the machine for their sense of purpose.

The constable assumes that because N’Deye is Black and female, that she is an ignorant savage and is incapble of learning French. Ousmane received only three years of formal education, after he was dismissed for striking back at a French teacher who had first struck Ousmane.

All three works expose readers to the vulgar inequaties between the people who come from the land, and the foreign colonizers and their agents who come to the land in order to control and exploit its natural and human resources. This natural tension is magnified several times over by the fact that the French management is supported by the French government that has subjugated the indigenous people of the region. In the novel, one of the demands of the striking train workers is that they be given family allowances as part of their compensation.

The men who once acted as providers for their family, now rely on their wives to scrape together enough food in order to feed the families.

God’s Bits of Wood – Les bouts de bois de Dieu

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. While the men can recall their elders telling them of a time “when Africa was just a garden for food” the stoppage of the machine makes them “conscious of their strength, but conscious also of their dependence” Ousmane Subjects Sembene, Ousmane, — Criticism and interpretation.


There are elements that tend toward accommodation, collaboration, or even idealization of the French colonials. GadjigoSamba and Ralph H.

The Rule of the Machine As the strike begins to take effect, the striking workers, particularly Bakayoko, come realize how industrialization and the machine have changed their lives.

This Senegal -related article is a stub. In fact, some of the husbands that consider faltering ve forced into resoluteness by their wives.

Ousmane Sembene

Perhaps Ousmane’s lack of formal education has also been a lack of formal indoctrination, allowing him to form his own ideology and form career goals that have set him apart from his contemporaries.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at boits top right of any screen. The Introduction gives an overview of the s, a key [End Page ] period in the move towards independence of former colonies across Africa, acknowledging the internal and external factors that would shape the futures of these new nations.

The d in genre between Menchu and Alvarado’s testimonio and Ousmane, Castellanos, and Achebe’s narrative may provide some Western readers with the guilt-produced fever-dream of fictive distance and impartiality, but all five authors ed clearly attacking not only the colonial system, but also the foreign colonizers and the ruling elite that are grasping the reins. This single location in Western Australia: How are the recognized religious figures treated in this novel?

Many of the men originally oppose the women’s march, but it is precisely this show of determination from the marching women, who the French had earlier dkeu as “concubines”, that makes the strikers’ relentlessness clear. In Diola and French with English subtitles ] Color.