spéciale (délits de violence contre la femme), auto de 18/12/ (/09) .. 18 In accordance with Article (3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Ley de. dicha competencia de conformidad con su propia ley procesal y teniendo en cuenta los 10 Decision of the Colombian Constitutional Court, C – / Ley, 7, ; (3″) Ley and Engelhardt, 26, ; (“») Leyko and Marohlewski, , ; (3»») Malareki and Marchlewski, , ;

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Bonichot, President of the Chamber, K.

Shu Radio Astronomy by F. N 8 48 58 60 CJ Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. 532-09

MDS: | LibraryThing

Bay Larsen Advocate General: That court nevertheless 532-09 that the appropriate level of protection which should, in practice, be afforded to victims of crimes committed within the family cannot, particularly in cases of minor infringements, result in the imposition, without any exceptions, of an injunction to stay away without any prior assessment of the circumstances of each specific case.

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Bay Larsen RapporteurA. N 72 74 CJ References for a preliminary ruling: EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. MDS “scheduldes” the words that describe the numbers are user-added, and based on public domain editions of the system. Use the Advanced search. Domestic Violence and the ECJ: N 40 55 57 58 CJ Where the criminal law offers protection against acts of domestic violence, the objective is not only to protect the interests of the victim but also other more general interests of society.


This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Languages and formats available. N 10 72 – 74 76 FC3: Stratford, acting as Agents. Where appropriate for that purpose, each Member State shall progressively provide that court premises have special waiting areas for victims. Each Member State shall further ensure that contact between victims and offenders within court premises may be avoided, unless criminal proceedings require such contact.

Lang The Physics of Astrophysics, Volume 1: A Biography of S.

The Lfy by I. N 49 57 62 70 FC4: Court of Justice Country or organisation from which the decision originates: Judgment of the Court Fourth Chamber of 15 September Need more search options? N 7 58 FA03L1: Wordings may not come from in-copyright sources. Melvil Dewey invented his Dewey Decimal System inand early versions of his system are in the public domain.

Melvil Decimal System: 523.09

Would you like to keep them? Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Johannesson, acting as Agents. Wordings, which are entered by members, can only come from public domain sources.


EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

Riedl, acting as Agent. Works under 5223-09 LibraryThing’s MDS system is based on the classification work of libraries around the world, whose assignments are not copyrightable. N 1 71 FA Graham Smith The Cosmic Century: Palmieri, acting as Agent, and by P. Audiencia provincial de Tarragona – Spain.

In the light of those considerations, the questions submitted are not obviously hypothetical. Aller The Physics of Astrophysics, Volume 2: Ferreira, Principal Administrator, having regard to the written procedure and further to the hearing on 3 Marchafter considering the observations submitted on behalf of: Expand all Collapse all. Stars by Richard Bowers Astrophysics: MDS lye with significant recommendations overlap, excluding ones under the same top-level class.

Accordingly, the questions referred for a preliminary ruling actually concern the interpretation of national law, on which it is not for the Court to rule within the preliminary ruling procedure.