Rolan has appeared in the following books: Manacled in Monaco (Mediterranean Mambo #1). Jianne Carlo – Manacled in Monaco. Two margaritas, a nice lazy swim in the pool , and one phonecall from my mom later, I’m back for a bit. – Buy Manacled in Monaco book online at best prices in india on Read Manacled in Monaco book reviews & author details and more at.

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The rest of you, read on! I have a crush on Andreas of Monaco, so I jumped right in at your title! Oh yes, and a few make you blush, too.

Manacled In Monaco

I pop a boner at the sight of your left eyebrow. One finger traced the ornate silver headband decorating the bronzed skin of her forehead and he realized he had no control left. Honestly, she can find hunky rugby players in any country. This piece came from my paternal grandmother who did the embroidery herself. Lo and behold a year later I decide to write a romance novel, and Manacled in Monaco, and the Mediterranean Mambo series was born.

Two margaritas, a nice lazy swim in the pool, and one phonecall from my mom later, I’m back for a bit. Money, fame, success, and nothing counted anymore. Adrenalin surged in his veins and his heartbeat accelerated.

Character profile for Rolan from Manacled in Monaco (Mediterranean Mambo #1) (page 1)

His head snapped up and a stunned paralysis claimed his limbs. Little Sarita Khan, from the wrong side of the tracks, the product of a mixed marriage, her father from Bombay, her mother an Irish woman with a riot of flaming tresses and the temperament to go with it. Age, it had to be, since he was twenty-nine and tired of the moonaco old, same old.


Glad to have you on board with the Fuzzies, Jianne. Rolan’s a control freak bent on domination. King of the senior year, dating the cheerleader captain and giving it to her almost every day, maanacled arrogance knew no bounds.

Manacled in Monaco — excerpt: He tugged the tray away and set it on the table. Fame and fortune fell into his lap and he rode the rainbow collecting Super Bowl wins. Some make you laugh; others make you think. That bronze-dusted complexion paled beneath his scrutiny and she swayed, the breakfast tray balanced on her forearms listing back and forth. Hibiscus flowers, orchids, and bougainvillea accentuated the white plates holding here, jumbo shrimp dotted with red pepper flakes, there, what seemed like square tortillas sprinkled with chopped parsley, and in the center of the table, a massive silver dish displaying cubes of beef in a cream-colored sauce.

Sucker Punch Vampire Territory 5: Growing up in the Caribbean – what a great background for romance writing! I like the mention of a sport in a story and even better that it involves a reunion. She glanced up at him and he read uncertainty in those amber eyes.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Life by Kaye Spencer writing as A.

Tony and I celebrate Diwali every year. One hand cradling his neck, the other thrown across a king-sized pillow, he slid his thighs apart over the monado satin sheets to give the expert mouth cocooning his randy prick better access.

Parker, exactly what were your plans for this cabin? Amber eyes manacled his and once again organs refused to function. Robin D robindpdx at yahoo dot com. Talking to my mom reminded me of how this romance writing gig all started. Your formative years mlnaco the Caribbean sound interesting.


Manacled in Monaco | Allie Ritch, author

And the memory of that low throaty voice during their lovemaking cascaded like a waterfall, showering gooseflesh on the back of his neck. It was the best, best trip ever! Sincerely I enjoyed the excerpt.

Okay, I think that’s enough of an intro and I hope I haven’t bored you to death. Immersed in sorting out the deep insecurity the mere presence of Rizzo generated, his crazy reaction to Sarita, the future awaiting the three manavled them, the two miles to the dock seemed to take mere minutes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I think it was Confucius and not Drinking Partners Vampire Territory 2: We have three very handsome sons, Jodan, Jarin, and Josun, who are all thank the Lord over the age of 20 and all are killing their parents finacially enrolled in scattered Florida Universities. But in actuality, dusk set before he reached the Glory and he halted on the on, transfixed by what he saw.

It never penetrated his mind and became an irritating background buzz. Not appropriate for minors, so run along kiddies. Tony refused to wear the traditional kurta. She swallowed, slapped a palm onto the table cemented to the left, and squeezed her eyes shut.